Sutherland Prodigy

Experience digital transformation that's agile, modular, rapid, and affordable.

Making The Complex Clearer

Through our Prodigy platform, we focus on insights and outcomes to redesign complex business processes. Combined with our Business Process as-a-Service (BPaaS) consumption model, the Prodigy platform provides the flexibility to work with a single process such as Source-to-Pay to looking across your entire business operation.

Through services such as process redesign, task allocation, talent deployment and digital automation, projects delivered through Prodigy deliver guaranteed outcome-driven results.

“We selected Sutherland over three other companies because a fundamental part of the offer contained a digital technology that we needed to optimize and improve our back-office operations."

The Definitive Digital Automation Platform

Prodigy's quick-start approach does not require your internal IT resources. Engagements generated by Prodigy produce better ROI through a lower cost of entry compared with traditional technology projects.

Sutherland Prodigy Services

Create spend visibility and compliance through analytics and intelligent operations to accelerate capture savings. 
Improve financial performance by automating and embedding AI and analytics to reduce costs and refocus on business results.
Incorporate predictive analytics and intelligent automation to optimize order management through cash application.
Integrate front and back-office processes to provide insights that deliver a superior customer experience.
Access rich analytics and business intelligence, plus Sutherland Extract, Sutherland Cockpit, and Sutherland Robility.

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