Digital Solutions For Your Property & Casualty Operations

Sutherland is the partner of choice for some of the world’s largest P&C players – by driving growth, resiliency, and efficiency through our digital-first, experienced-first DNA.

The Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry faces many challenges – from climate change and an explosion in emerging technologies to rising customer expectations and complex regulatory requirements. Today’s Insurers must develop robust risk models and leverage technology to remain competitive and meet evolving customer demands.

Insurance Industry outlook: Thrive in Uncertainty - Strategic Opportunities & Challenges Ahead


of customers demand more product personalization


of P&C consumers research insurance purchases online


of claims cost result from fraud


increase in revenue for P&C carriers using digital platforms to interact with policyholders

Our solutions span the entire sales and service value chain, from policy acquisition and processing to claims. By leveraging our proprietary and partner solutions, we deliver high-value results to personal, commercial, and specialty insurers. We deliver:

  • Integrated and scalable operations from sales to claims and seamlessly combining digital systems and data for a swift and efficient process.
  • A cohesive mix of proprietary and partner CX automation, analytics, and AI platforms, customizing the customer experience and enhancing retention rates.
  • Process-led digitization specifically designed for complex middle market and reinsurance businesses, built on a strong foundation of business expertise and domain knowledge.
  • With one of the largest P&C licensed talent pools and an in-house licensing academy, our agents provide empathetic care to claimants and deliver exceptional CX.

5 Focus Areas To Accelerate AI Driven Claims Transformation

Segments we Serve

Personal Insurance

As the personal insurance industry experience turbulent times with evolving client preferences, digital expectations, and workforce dynamics, Sutherland's digital solution suite empowers global carriers to achieve sustainable business outcomes including growth, exceptional CX, operational efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

Commercial Insurance

For commercial insurers, opportunity lies not only in discovering new markets, but in capturing more market share. Sutherland, as a partner of choice for Commercial insurers, offers Sales and Domain expertise alongside digital accelerators and solutions, enabling greenfield policy acquisition setup and successfully driving committed revenue growth.

Specialty Insurance

Amid the soaring demand for specialty insurance due to evolving business models, Sutherland's digitalized service delivery ecosystem and domain expertise enable carriers to deliver top-notch service experiences at optimized costs. Our scalable and flexible solutions cater to diverse lines of business and clients, including businesses and individuals, across the specialty insurance landscape.

Our Services

With over 700 licensed in-house agents, we combine deep operational experience in policy acquisition to impact your top line andconversion rates.

Our “human in the loop” operations, combined with connected underwriting platform modules, offer an end-to-end solution that drives speed-to-quote for large commercial and specialty insurers.

We enable virtual agents to deliver digitized client communication, driving faster quote and bind services.

Our customer service and back-office solutions expand your ability to improve speed, transforming experience for customers, agents, and brokers.

We offer thoughtfully curated digital solutions across the spectrum of claims services, helping agents deliver claims settlements with speed and better accuracy.

We help reinsurers focus on their core business by removing administrative burden.

Why Sutherland


digitization of P&C operations


improvement in speed for final reviewable submission


voice and digital interactions across sales and servicing.


reduction in FNOL handle time


‘zero’ touch claims


see an improvement in CSAT

Embedded Digital Solutions

CX Core

Sutherland Connect

Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform.

Sutherland CX360

AI-based Customer Interaction Analytics Platform

Sutherland Conversational AI

Conversational AI solution, with integrated voice and text automation

Sutherland HelpTree & Cognitive Knowledge Engine (CKE)

Cognitive knowledge base, with Next Best Action [NBA]

Sutherland Engage

AI augmented Analytics and Integrated Transactional Desktop Solution

Sutherland Agent Assist

AI-driven agent support and knowledge suggestion solution

Digital Core

Sutherland Extract

Digitization@Source, with advanced NLP, ML and OCR Capabilities

Sutherland Robility™

Innovative hyper automation platform, with intelligent workflow, custom rule management, intelligent automation & ML models

Sutherland Unification Layer

Orchestration platform for unification of discrete legacy systems

Sutherland Translate AI™

NLP-based embedded translation platform for digital channels.

Sutherland SmartLeap™

Proprietary solution for IT service management, with remote diagnosis and solution recommendation for cyber risk protection.

Sutherland Sentinel™ and Anywhere®

A platform solution for remote workforce integration

Data Core

Sutherland CATS

Proprietary risk modeling platform for catastrophe modeling

Data Enrichment AI

AI solution for data enrichment through internal and external sources for comprehensive risk assessment

Submission Scoring AI

AI powered tool to assist underwriters in evaluating and scoring submissions with greater accuracy and efficiency

Collect AI

Proprietary Collections Analytics platform, with AI & Machine learning capabilities to predict delinquency and improve collections

Growth Analytics

D2C and Partner Policies Analytics model, with key insights to increase customer lifetime value

One/low Touch Claims

Proprietary solution to automate and streamline the claims management

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Our Results


Reduction in customer issues resolution time

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Case Study

Top 3 Group Benefits Carrier Transforms their Claim Servicing Operations With the Right Mix of Technology, Group Benefits Domain Expertise, and Compassion

Our Results


Reduction in operating cost and 10+ points CSAT uplift

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