AI-Powered End-to-End Quality Engineering Platform

Enable end-to-end testing, modernize applications, and achieve AI-driven digital assurance with Sutherland CloudTestr™.

Simplify, customize, and scale enterprise software testing. Powered by AI and automation, Sutherland CloudTestr™ is a quality engineering platform that makes software testing easier across all applications and technologies.

  • Deliver Results in Minimal Time. Make use of pre-built test libraries, self-healing scripts, no-code experience, and touchless execution.
  • Accelerate Your Automation Journey. Onboard automated tests in 4 weeks and execute the tests in minutes.
  • Strip Away Complexity. We do not require any extensive training or certifications to make your implementation successful.

Make Testing a Non-Event

Our comprehensive digital assurance suite combines support for diverse applications and robust data management capabilities to ensure accelerated automation.

Create end-to-end tests with a solution that supports every phase of the test automation lifecycle, from requirements to reports.
Test web, mobile, and desktop applications across browsers and devices from one single platform.
Upgrade and patch testing to keep software updated. Validate system performance, reliability, stability, response times, and scalability.
Real-time support for internal or external inspections such as SOX compliance, financial audits, and access control audits.
We empower businesses with robust test suites for Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Workday, MS Dynamics, and custom applications.
Validate the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of APIs, micro-services, and integrations.
Eliminate blind spots by identifying and assessing potential threats early.
Integrate with CI/CD pipeline and any DevOps and test/release management tools, and automatically execute relevant test cases.

Case Study

Activision Boosts Testing ROI by 50% with CloudTestr

Our Results


Boost to testing Rol

Find Out How

Why Sutherland?

5 X

Faster Testing and Automation

100 %

Test coverage and defect-free releases

70 %

Reduction in overall regression testing efforts

35 - 50%

Reduction in Total Cost of Testing


Increased speed of new feature adoption

50 %

Accelerated Time-to-Market

We love the simplicity that CloudTestr™ grants us. Test automation isn’t our area of expertise and using CloudTestr™ eliminates the need for us to do additional training that’s required when handling this manually.


Maureen Mol

CloudTestr™ eliminated the need for internal staffing, training, and hiring, especially in automation which isn’t our expertise. It’s been a great solution for us.


Deena Moody

Adopting CloudTestr™ has reduced a lot of manual work that we used to do earlier and is helping us adopt new functionalities with ease and is also providing us defect free and faster releases.


Carol Mitchell-Lawrence

Moving to Oracle Cloud simplified our operations and eliminated manual work. The cloud migration services we use from Sutherland runs smoothly, unlike before, when we had performance issues with On-premises infrastructure. Our total cost of ownership improved by 42%, making this move highly beneficial. We’re grateful for the cloud transition and its advantages.


Sufel Barkat
Global Enterprise Leader VP HRIS , Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

We love the simplicity CloudTestr offers us. As test automation isn’t our expertise, CloudTestr eliminates the need for extra training that manual handling would require.


Brandon Davis
Technical Consultant, Sarepta

CloudTestr significantly reduced our cycle time. Unlike our usual waterfall approach, we embraced agility and swiftly implemented critical business test cases within weeks, a process that accelerated the production timeline.


Sanjay Gupta
Deputy CIO, Neopost

CloudTestr works like magic. We send a spreadsheet with our data, and overnight it executes numerous global scenarios flawlessly. Whether it’s promotions, salary changes, or transfers, CloudTestr automates like worker fairies, giving us a comprehensive report the next morning. It’s streamlined and automated our testing process efficiently.


Michelle Bencomo
Manager, Global HRIS, Activision