Transforming the Travel, Hospitality and Logistics Industry in a Hyperconnected World

Our digital solutions maximize revenues, loyalty and customer experience while protecting profits.

Things Are Taking Off

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You really are a world-class team. We are very proud of being your partner during this journey, and we hope to continue working with you.”

The industry is currently in the throes of change as it adapts to the demands of digitally enabled consumers seeking hyper-personalized services. This is all happening while companies transition to asset-light and efficient business models to protect margins and remain relevant. Automation, cloud, mobile technology, cognitive analytics and AI now present complex and extensive points of leverage to transform businesses.

Delivering the Experience

Our technology-led end-to-end solutions help Travel, Hospitality and Logistics organizations drive revenue, optimize costs, and enhance experiences.

Service Areas

Our solutions, driven by Sutherland altra® suite help enhance yield, improve customer experience and reduce complex business transactions. The solutions, backed by decades of industry experience and subject expertise enable airline finance, commercial and marketing departments to stay agile and ahead on the innovation curve. Read More
Our comprehensive and flexible suite of services leverage Robotic Process Automation, machine learning and AI to connect Sales, Service and Back-office Operations. With a specific focus on service experience for the end-customer, we leverage best in class practices and tools to generate, assure and account revenues while optimizing cost.
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Our omnichannel solutions for Hospitality cater to all operating models, whether it's franchisee driven, owner-operated or management agreements. We focus on driving conversion, improving customer loyalty as well as preventing any leakage, whether in traditional asset-owned companies or shared economy brands.
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We're experienced in working with the leaders of the "Sharing Economy". Coupled with our design-thinking approach driven by Sutherland Labs, this uniquely positions us to address critical business challenges. Whether it’s customer experience, trust and safety, content moderation, content digitization or regulatory compliance. Our global presence and stack of future-proof solutions enable us to deliver superior Net Promoter Scores.
Our Sutherland altra® solution delivers the next wave of travel e-commerce, necessitating the need to manage revenue, improve revenue per booking, maximize commissions and incentives while delivering the best experience to business or leisure travelers. Using Sutherland Labs, we can create an entire journey map and prepare agencies for optimal service delivery.

Qatar Airways Successfully Deploys Sutherland’s Revenue Accounting Platform for Increased Flexibility.

26+ million

omnichannel customer interactions handled each month

130+ million

back-office transactions each year


of our client engagements include embedded technology and automation solutions

Our Services

Our design services bring to bear human-centered approach to reimagine, bring to life services that grow business, and improve experiences for customers and employees. We help companies analyse customer journey, innovate and simplify interaction channels.

We deliver a digitally-transformed customer experience across customer touch points and manage end-to-end Customer lifecycle for Sales, Service, Fulfilment and Loyalty Management. Our Sutherland Connect and Sutherland Engage platforms deliver unparalleled care experience to passengers and guests, leveraging analytics and design capabilities. Our Digital back-office solution empowers your cargo customers and shippers to seamlessly book and track cargo, optimize aircraft and cargo yield, file claims and settle accounts.

Leveraging a suite a futuristic platforms and capabilities including Sutherland Prodigy™, Robility™, AI and ML, we digitalize processes across the entire Finance function. Our solutions are customized for the Airline, Travel and Hospitality industry specific needs and optimize Credit Management, AR, AP and FP&A while mitigating fraud / risks and generating business insights using data-mining and analytics. 

World class, future-proof, revenue accounting solution which is NDC compliant and ONE Order certified, platform Sutherland Altra®. As a PaaS or BPaaS solution, it provides accurate and timely accounting and most diverse amount of data intelligence for airline decision makers.

Sutherland helps airlines, hospitality and cargo service providers leverage the power of Analytics and data-mining using advanced AI and ML capabilities for superior business outcomes. From leveraging customer interactions data for a hyper-personalized experience to identifying cost optimization opportunities leveraging our analytics driven Sutherland Altra® DOC platform, we have the right solutions to drive revenue and optimize cost.

Whether you are looking to maximize revenues by plugging in leakages, checking fraudulent agent-behavior and reducing unproductive bookings or seeking automation in mundane back-office tasks such as KYC, Ok to Board, warehouse reconciliations, document verification etc. Sutherland delvers a cost-optimized, automation-led solution leveraging a range of proprietary tools such as Sutherland Altra® suite to deliver Passenger Fare / BIDT Audit, Cargo Audit and Fare Distribution and Management Services.

Our digital engineering and technology solutions, help companies manage their IT infrastructure and resources, digitalize and automate processes, deliver front-end mobility and customer care solutions as well as provide helpdesk support. We have partnered with leading cloud service providers to help transition your existing on-premise infrastructure to a flexible, lean cloud services model.

We help organizations with their content strategy encompassing their social strategy and content moderation as well as content creation and publishing through the production of rich consumable artefacts.

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