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How our FinTech solutions suite redesigned and optimized our client’s processes with minimal impact, enhancing the customer experience and delivering significant cost savings.

Services Speech Analytics, Conversational AI
Industry Banking and Financial Services
JUNE 22, 2023


Facilitating Further Growth Without Business Service Disruption

Growing over 40% per year, our client was truly global, with international money transfers to over 170 countries, in 75 currencies from 21 sending countries.

As their customers needed to receive remittances in matter of hours globally, customer service was the difference between growth and stagnation.

But, with little customer insights, a lack of personalization, and limited channel strategy, further growth had a complex and costly task. Our client faced high remittance timelines and struggled to scale to a fully global presence – especially in India and Latin America.

They needed a way to overhaul their back-office operations. Not only to redesign existing processes for efficiency while reducing the total cost of ownership, but to introduce the 360-degree visibility needed to enhance the customer experience.



Collaborating to Deliver Seamless User Experiences

In a joint Sutherland Labs Design thinking workshop, we created a robust future-state operating design.

A hub and spoke model with micro hubs in Colombia, Egypt, and India was set up to serve the client’s growth markets alongside a true omni-channel solution, harmonizing customer interactions without additional capital expenditure.

A 360-degree customer journey map was introduced, integrating Speech Analytics and Conversational AI.

We mapped customer experiences across the app usage. This streamlined interactions, reduced remittance times, and increased self-service rates, enabling an enhanced user experience.


All were delivered with no business service disruption.

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