Software Providers

Software providers are dealing with the transition to a SaaS world, where customer adoption and renewal are the fuel required to increase and sustain revenue streams. Sutherland’s services help software providers optimize customer retention and uncover business insights that drive growth.

  • Transform end-to-end customer lifecycle from onboarding through renewal to increase adoption and customer retention.
  • Evolve support models to accommodate interoperability challenges.
  • Leverage automation tools for product testing and to perform root cause analysis of malfunctions.
  • Easily migrate customers from legacy products & support and set-up on new platforms.
  • Offset support costs and identify additional sources of revenue.

Explore the range of services that are available for software and subscription providers through Sutherland’s Digital, Business Process, and Customer Engagement Transformation service areas:

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Digital Services

Digital Services

Analytics & AI
Sutherland helps software providers harness the power of big data using analytics and modeling for a deeper understanding of customer behavior and to increase customer adoption and renewals, and expand share of wallet.

Customer Engagement Services

Customer Engagement Services

Satisfaction and Loyalty
Sutherland helps software provider customer success teams increase adoption through analytics insights as well as improve consumption, expansion, and renewal growth with proactive service and offers.

Customer Experience
Sutherland helps software providers launch highly targeted, analytics-enabled campaigns to convert “freemium” to paid users by offering enhanced services, including self-service, automated, and assisted-support.

Technical Support
Software providers can focus on more strategic activities when they rely on Sutherland for B2B Technical Support.

Business Process Services

Business Process Services

Finance & Accounting
Sutherland helps software provider financial and operational teams leverage deep customer profile and analytic insights to optimize Order-to-Cash operations while providing greater global supply chain visibility, and enhanced fulfillment operations.