Smart Hospital Operations Delivered at the Edge

A data-first approach to improved hospital operations.

“Smart hospital solutions must deliver enhanced productivity, efficiency, safety & security.”
KS Kumar - Chief Commercial Officer

Transforming Hospital Operations

Complexities in technology, patient care expectations, increased compliance requirements and margin pressures have created an opportunity for healthcare providers to relook at the way operations are run. Implementing siloed technology solutions is no longer sufficient.

Hospital Operations Management has always played a critical role directly impacting the patient experience and efficient provision of clinical care.

Smart hospitals integrate data from people, assets, and spaces within and outside the hospital facility for real-time analysis, increasing operational efficiencies, ensuring cyber hygiene of clinical devices, and optimizing asset and staff utilization for better experiences and outcomes.

Intelligent Automation

Our Smart Hospital solution results in improved asset efficiency, reduced OPEX, improved patient and employee experience, real-time visibility into performance data and centralized control on the entire hospital operations.

Features of Smart Hospital:


Insights related to Asset (Facility and Medical) Utilization & Availability


Single Pane of Glass Providing 360-degree, Real Time Visibility


Integration to Create Interdependent Services Moving Away from Siloes of Technology, Services, and Information


Centralized Command Center for Remote Operations


Cyber Hygiene of Connected Medical Equipment


Cost Optimization


Data Correlation, Analytics, and Predictive Insights

Reinventing Healthcare Operations

Monitor Key metrices pertaining to all your medical and non-medical assets on a real-time basis and take correct actions to optimize their performance and improve their utilization.
Leverage AI-ML to continuously analyze the data collected from your assets and use this information to make your operations more predictive, thereby reducing unwanted asset downtime.
Proactively identify cybersecurity risks your network connected medical devices maybe exposed to and take corrective actions to mitigate those risks.
Monitor and analyze key data related to your Energy, Water, Utility and Waste Management. Make informed decisions to reduce your Carbon Footprint and meet your ESG Targets.
Allows you to leverage the full power of your connected portfolio on a ‘pay-as-you-Go’ basis thereby reducing your initial capex investment.

Asset Management

Incorporating predictive analytics and intelligent automation to optimize asset lifecycle management across clinical & non-clinical assets.

  • Improve Asset Lifetime Value
  • Automate fault detection & diagnostics
  • Optimize Maintenance costs
  • Digital register and digital twin of asset

Cybersecurity of clinical devices

Deploying solution to discover, assess and manage cybersecurity risks, software updates and threats on an ongoing basis

  • Enhance protection from cyber attacks
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  • Ensure optimal functioning of clinical devices
  • Achieve higher ROI

Facilities Management

Ensuring smooth running of hospital facility to aid faster recovery among patients and higher employee morale.

  • Provide occupant comfort
  • Achieve higher facility uptime
  • Assure safety and security
  • Maintain reliable records for regulatory compliance

Real Time Location Tracking

Tracking location of mobile assets, staff and patients to reduce wain

  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Assure safety of infants and medically compromised patients
  • Increase availability of mobile devices
  • Optimize inventory management

Physical Security

Uniting disparate systems into one platform to enhance security management and control.

  • Improve outpatient experience by better crowd control
  • Effective Better Emergency response
  • Protect assets and staff
  • Automate alerts & actions

Smart Hospital Operations Delivered at the Edge

Our Approach

The solution lies in technology; technology that is seamlessly integrated, data that is liberated from siloes and is analyzed and ready to meet the healthcare facility’s objectives.

  • Maturity Assessment: Review end-to-end hospital and facility processes and technologies and identify gaps
  • Design: Create a future-state landscape including integrated systems, digitized processes, data analytics and automated decision management
  • Build: Integrate all relevant systems, Collect, Store Organize, Analyze, Visualize, Report data and address technology gaps
  • Deploy: Implement the future-state technology and processes
  • Manage: Deliver business outcomes ‘as-a-service’ through an integrated Command & Control Center

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