Corporate Citizenship

As Corporate Citizens, our purpose is to positively impact lives in the communities where we operate through economic, social and environmental policies and actions

“Sutherland is making sure no one is left behind. Others are realizing that making money is not enough and are now doing this too.”
Tim Hopper - Microsoft and GISC Founding Member

We Are Corporate Citizens

For us, our program is how we as a business formulate and deliver on our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to communities in which we work

As Corporate Citizens, we remain steadfast in our commitment to develop measurable programs and meaningful strategies Our goal is to positively impact human lives and the natural environment - with partnerships, donations, development programs and volunteers.

Strategic Investments

We empower marginalized populations.

Our goal is to champion development and training programs that help to remove systemic barriers to sustainable employment - through partnerships, donations, and investments. As a company, we focus on empowering humans and elevating quality of life through increased sustainable employment among vulnerable populations.

Our top social impact goals:

  • Empower marginalized or displaced populations
  • Help remove barriers to sustainable employment
  • Provide pathways to local and equitable employment
  • Contribute substantially to socio-economic good

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Elevating Opportunity with Impact Hiring

Since 2018, we've implemented Impact Hiring to empower and employ talent among community member who are systemically disconnected from employers and resources that can help them navigate professional challenges.

Through upskilling and mission-led hiring, our Corporate Citizens program hires from within these six target groups of marginalized people:

Single guardians with at least one child under the age of 17 living at home.

Persons with physical or developmental disabilities.

Refugees, deportees or locally displaced people.

Those who’ve found sustainable employment difficult since military service.

Persons 55 years and older who are re-entering the workforce.

Students between the ages of 17 and 25 readying for entry-level jobs.

Protecting Our World

We promote policy and volunteering.

With company-wide policies in effect, our Corporate Citizens program details Sutherland’s measurable commitments to health, safety, and environmental impact in geographies where we operate.

We also actively encourage employees to play their valuable part in growing our global culture of integrity through volunteering.

Our top environmental goals:

  • Monitor our carbon footprint and reduce carbon emissions
  • Develop engaging volunteer opportunities for employees
  • Encourage local action to positively impact our natural world
  • Facilitate policies that improve employee health and safety

Encouraging Healthy Environments

As a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2015, Sutherland actively works to uphold our responsibilities to people and planet through our corporate policies and commitments. 

Our Corporate Citizens program partners with local organizations to provide employees with volunteer opportunities that enrich and revitalize the local and natural environments of the geographies in which we live and work.

For more details, see our Occupational Health and Safety Policy online.

For more information, please review our current Environmental Policy.

We develop local, nature-based volunteer opportunities to encourage employee engagement in environmental clean-up, conservation and habitat improvement projects. Emphasis is on grassroots community projects like tree planting, beach clean-ups, and water conservation.

Employee Volunteerism

Together, we can make a difference.

Our employees’ actions have a positive effect on the wellbeing of the communities where we operate. There’s always room for social good.

We encourage individuals and teams to actively participate in volunteer opportunities that are created through our Corporate Citizens program and partner organizations.

Our top strategic volunteer goals:

  • Engage our employees to help empower a strong workforce
  • Consciously and sustainably serve local employment needs
  • Address challenge and contribute to positive local change
  • Contribute toward UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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Impacting Local Communities

By partnering with established organizations, Sutherland develops innovative and engaging volunteer opportunities for our employees  to help increase sustainable employment among underprivileged or marginalized populations.

We expose youth to education, technology and career guidance through motivational and empowerment sessions arranged between high school seniors and Sutherland employees

Our employees engage one-on-one as digital technology mentors with individuals in our target populations. The goal is to team up to learn and practice soft skills for virtual or face-to-face interviews, increasing success with job placement and employment.

Jointly developed programs provide our employees innovative opportunities to engage with marginalized communities to learn, teach, share and help empower cultural sensitivity, understanding and empathy toward vulnerable communities in the workforce.

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