Accelerate Insights with Market Research & Customer Analytics

Empowering investment decisions by delivering AI-powered incisive research insights for Investment Managers, PE Firms, Pension Funds, Investment Banks, and Corporations.

“Contextual Investment and Strategy Research”

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Sutherland leverages the right blend of AI, human engineering, industry expertise, and proprietary platforms to provide contextual investment and strategy research. Our AI Platform processes a myriad of data and content-rich sources, topics, people and events to accelerate the "Time to Insights."

Our high-quality contextual research and real-time business intelligence enable organizations to manage risks better and capitalize on market opportunities.

Our Research Approach

Proprietary Platforms

Sutherland tools, including ModelBot, Cognitive Knowledge Engine, and Sutherland Extract, deliver real-time "Actionable Insights."

Thousands of Data Sources

Leveraged through our propriety platform and primary research practice to capture on-the-ground intelligence.

Triangulating Insights

Bringing together a blend of credible sources, rich human capital, and AI-powered recommendations.

Credit Research

Delivering bespoke incisive insights across credit investment strategies, guiding better investment decisions to enable alpha generation and robust portfolio monitoring and surveillance.

Equity Research

We deliver unique, industry-leading, independent Equity research to propel investment decisions for diverse clients, including Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Investment Banks and Brokerage Firms.

Investment Banking Research

We deliver domain-driven deeper insights at speed for M&A and Financial Advisory organizations, enabling insightful client discussions, more accurate valuation, and faster market responses.

Business & Market Research

We offer a host of customized qualitative and quantitative research services to corporations and businesses addressing their unique strategic needs, including market growth, competitive intelligence, technology benchmarking, thought leadership and business development.

Intelligent Data Management Solutions (IDMS)

We empower you with high-quality data intelligence and visualization by relying on our AI-powered Analytics and RPA-driven data aggregation methods, covering digital financial analytics and more. We improve the speed of research.

The Sutherland Difference

25+ Years

of Research & Analytics Experience

1,200+ Research Analyst

Sector SMEs, Data Scientists, and Engineers

Propriety Data Analytics

and automation platforms

100+ Clients

across Investment Research, Consulting, Advisory, and Strategy Research

70+ Sectors

and sub-sectors covered across various research projects

40+ Language

capabilities across global locations

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