Differentiate Your Brand By Delivering Customer Delight

Analyze every customer interaction and turn them into actionable insights, no matter what part of your enterprise touches them.

Experience is the Brand.

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Sutherland CX360 - AI Powered Experience Management Platform.

The Challenge

Are you still analyzing only 3% of your entire customer interactions, failing to gain critical insights like service quality, compliance and agent behavior?  

Customer operations leaders report they essentially miss out on reviewing up to 97% of their call center’s interactions. They don’t have the tools to fully understand customer sentiment. They instead have to focus on quality audits based on small sample sizes.

Analyze Customer Journeys with Interaction Insights

Derive correlation between DSAT, Sentiment, contact drivers and agent performance to gain actionable customer insights and ruptures within customer journey to improve your products and services.

Drive Future of Quality with Quality Monitoring Automation

  • Gain QA Insights into 100% interactions. Eliminate Cost and time on manual quality monitoring
  • Get insight into QA parameters effecting CSAT and plan efficient coaching programs
  • Derive insights into your quality monitoring process. Provide agents the reasoning behind scores and identify areas of growth and success

Differentiate your Brand with the Power of Predictive Outcomes

Take the leap. It's time to stop running your customer care organization based on efficiency metrics like AHT, call resolution and cost to serve and start transforming your customer service with outcome-based metrics that help differentiate your brand - like client satisfaction, first call resolution and sales.

Sutherland CX360 Components

CX360 Interaction Insights:

Transcribe and analyze 100% of your customer interactions, and unlock insights that improve CX, drive revenue growth, boost operational efficiency and product improvement.

CX360 Quality Monitoring Automation:

Fast-track your quality management program by evaluating the right interactions and delivering more targeted agent feedback with automated insights. Move away from the inefficient and high-cost manual based quality monitoring processes with AI powered automation.

CX360 Predictive Outcomes:

Gain access across enterprise-level actionable insights to link CX value and to build clear business cases for CX im­provement.

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