Removing Employment Barriers. Empowering People

For every person employed by Sutherland, we not only positively impact the lives of individuals, but whole families.

“Other companies are realizing that making money is not enough and are now doing this too. But it was Sutherland’s leadership that made it have the impact it’s had. Sutherland is making sure no one is left behind.”
Tim Hopper - Microsoft and GISC Founding Member

Work Isn't Working

Right now, 500 million young people (17-25) around the world are living on less than $2 a day. For young people, especially those previously unemployed, or with situational challenges, they are frequently left out of the job market. In developing countries, an estimated two-thirds of young people are not fulfilling their economic potential. For single-parent households, the picture gets even bleaker for those who have to choose between taking care of young children and earning a living wage.

Launching Long-Lasting Careers

35% of our current employees are in the target 17-25 age group.

Our Social Impact framework focuses on Empowerment and Impact Hiring by targeting two key groups: young people aged 17-25 who face one or more situational challenges and single parents with one or more children under the age of 17 living at home.

Our Categories of Intervention 

We expose young people to education, technology or career guidance through mentorship, motivational and empowerment sessions.
We hire people from our two target groups, opening the door to rich and fulfilling careers.