Sutherland Safe

Protect your business during the pandemic and beyond with our facility safety assurance platform.

We're Serious About Safety

Bringing people back to the office safely is a top priority for every organization right now. And by maintaining safe and efficient operations, they can continue to drive business growth. This is why it's crucial that employees and customers feel safe in the workplace.

With Sutherland Safe we monitor your space portfolio, track density and work area usage, generate heat maps of high activity areas and bring all these elements together through an intuitive control center. The Sutherland Safe platform harnesses the power of data-in-motion and data-at-rest to keep the people in your organization safe.

"We customize each implementation to meet your specific needs."

Workplace Safety Starts Here

Using beacons, sensors and gateways, we've created a platform that protects personally identifiable information while monitoring employee schedule adherence, productivity, and movement through your facility. This enables you to ensure business continuity and establish operational triggers based on the business rules you define.

Using a system of systems approach, with options for live integration and data aggregation, Sutherland Safe's agile framework can adapt to every type of industry.

Sutherland Safe Services

Real-time location analytics monitors density of common spaces and sends alerts to stakeholders if set thresholds are breached.
Identification and subsequent data collection of persons who were in set proximity to an infected person.

Provides information and insights to allow for better management of spaces within facilities and ensures maintenance standards are met.

Tools to schedule and manage remote worker attendance and facility access.
Visitor and employee entry and exit can be provided based on facial recognition and health screening.
Real-time location analytics capability sends alerts to stakeholders if staff or visitor access unauthorized areas within the facility and grounds.

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