Corporate Commitments

Health and Safety Commitment

Sutherland believes that providing a safer workplace and establishing a safe work behavior is essential to make our workplace and the community around us safer. 

We promote safety culture among our employees around the world to affirm our Occupational Health & Safety commitment on avoiding the preventable injuries and occupational illnesses. 

Sutherland outspreads the safety commitment to customers by providing them innovative process transformation services to perform smarter and safer than ever.

Sutherland’s Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Sustainability Commitment

Every day, Sutherland is more determined to make a positive impact on the environment both through the company and through the actions of our employees. When we became a signatory of the UN Global compact, we made a commitment to actively address the environment risks and opportunities that impact climate, water and food.

We believe that protection of environment is an integral aspect of our business lifecyle by; reducing our environment impacts arises out of our facilities due to consumption of natural resources, generation of wasted and business travel and supporting our customers sustainability commitments by providing innovative IT solutions and process transformations to reduce their carbon foot print and associated cost.

Through our talent with the finest approach of hiring we have enabled thousands of our employees around the world to work from home through virtual collaboration tools which reduces carbon emissions through commuting. Combined with every day actions of our employees to reduce possible carbon foot print, we remain Sutherland Strong and committed to a healthy and happier future.

Sutherland's Environmental Sustainability Commitment

Sutherland's Occupational Health & Safety Commitment

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Sutherland's Environmental Sustainability Commitment

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