Intelligent Facilities Management for Your Organization

Ensure a clean, healthy and productive environment today that acts as a shock-absorber for future disruption.

Is Your Facility Reaching Its Full Potential?

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From dealing with embedded and siloed technology systems to a lack of facility operations and visibility across technology, processes and people deployment, managers are left to deal with gaps in knowledge, technology implementation, process maturity and staff capabilities.

The architecture follows a system-of-systems approach and supports both cloud-based as well as on-premises deployments.”

Implementing software alone is not sufficient. Organizations need experienced partners to help them use and reap the full benefits in an efficient manner.

By incorporating a range of Sutherland’s Digital Finance services, including Sutherland Prodigy, robotic processes, and complex analytics that deliver Straight-Through Processing (STP), you can achieve better business outcomes.

Future-proofing Facilities

Sutherland's Intelligent Facilities Management system is designed to be future-proof, scalable and integrate easily with other technologies. Its architecture follows a system-of-systems approach and supports both cloud-based as well as on-premises deployments.

Intelligent Facilities Management, at its core, comprises a data-driven analytics engine and integration middleware facilitating integration with various transactional, enterprise or edge sub-systems. Security and compliance are key aspects of its architecture and ensure that every sub-system, along with the integration and core analytics engine, is compliant with required security standards.

Smart Hospitals

Centralizing hospital operations by integrating people, assets (clinical & non-clinical), and people (staff & patient) data, and unifying control.

  • Improve patient and employee experience
  • Reduce OPEX
  • Enhance Asset Efficiency & ROI
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance

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Smart Retail

Enabling multi-site remote operations across the entire retail portfolio, globally by connecting all locations and creating a digital twin of the operations.

  • Achieve Operational Efficiency
  • Drive growth
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Assure business continuity

Smart Office

Integrating brick-and-mortar and remote working environments globally, to create seamless workspaces of the future.

  • Optimize building operations cost
  • Improve space utilization
  • Gain improved control on operations
  • Achieve sustainability goals

Smart Cities

Connecting stakeholders, installations and service providers to create a collaborative, safe and environmentally conscious living and working environment.

  • Connect & monitor critical infrastructure
  • Centralize Security Management
  • Manage Utilities Efficiently
  • Provide superior citizen experience

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Maintenance as a Service

Incorporating predictive analytics and intelligent automation to optimize asset lifecycle management across multiple industries.

  • Improve Asset Lifetime Value
  • Automate fault detection & diagnostics
  • Optimize Maintenance costs
  • Digital register and digital twin of asset

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) as a Service

Uniting disparate systems into one platform to enhance security management and control.

  • Integrate unconnected security systems
  • Centralize Security Monitoring
  • Improve Emergency Response times
  • Improve Compliance & Control

Key Benefits


Real-time performance statistics and location tracking


Automated data flow


Centralized supervision across the portfolio

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