Sutherland + Google Cloud

Together, we help companies rapidly respond to evolving market needs, elevate customer experience, and generate new business value in the cloud.

Cloud Migrations

Assess and prioritize your move to the Cloud.

Contact Center Artificial Intelligence

Transform and personalize your contact center operations with Google AI.


We make sense of clinical and financial data by helping you ingest, store and analyze it to produce actionable insights.

Cloud Consulting

We meet you where you are on your cloud journey, guiding you on the strategies that work for your business and customers.

“Sutherland has the really unique breadth of enterprise-focused, nimble DevOps, cloud-native approach to business that is right in our sweet spot. We’re super excited about what we can do with Sutherland.”

Ready to Elevate Your Service Desk and ITSM Experience?

Rapidly Respond to Changing Market Conditions

The worry of having cloud-savvy talent on staff is now a thing of the past. We provide trained Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certified cloud architects and data engineers, as well as domain expertise in a wide variety of industries

Domain-specific customer experience experts work closely with users to define their technology stack and capabilities. Together, we determine which workloads to move to a cloud environment to improve customer experience. So you can migrate to the public or private cloud with confidence.

Quickly and Efficiently Move Workloads

Sutherland manages the end-to-end process of designing, developing, and delivering your Google Cloud Platform environment, while also going a step further by supporting and optimizing the platform for maximum performance. This means you can migrate data from data centers anywhere on the planet.

Maintaining service levels and compliance is always a concern during migrations. That’s why our engineers use a combination of DevOps automation tools, agile best practices, and Sutherland IP to quickly and securely move customer experience impacting workloads to the right GCP configuration.

Optimize Your Current Workload

A straight lift and shift might save some expense, but it doesn’t necessarily allow you to leverage the full power of the cloud and Google Cloud Services to improve your customer experience. Our Sutherland engineers use Google DevOps tools like AppEngine to quickly re-architect your existing applications to take advantage of containers and microservices.

When your technology is running securely and reliably on Google Cloud Platform, your development teams can innovate quickly, shorten release cycles, and support your customer experience more efficiently.

Ready to Transform Your Cloud Experience?