Sutherland invested in the development of KOC-Burgas, donated a unique video bronchoscope and a special surgical electro knife

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The Complex Oncology Center (COC) in Burgas acquired extremely modern equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases and carcinomas. The hospital already has a video bronchoscope, a special surgical electro-knife and surgical instruments for the needs of thoracic surgery.

All the equipment was purchased with the funds of the global outsourcing company Sutherland, which chose to invest specifically in KOC-Burgas.

"I want to express a big thanks to the head of the information and digital department of Sutherland Global Services, Mr. Doug Gilbert, for the donation they made in connection with improving the activities of the Complex Oncology Center in Burgas regarding the diagnosis and treatment of patients with oncological diseases,” said the manager of KOC-Burgas Prof. Hristo Bozov.

He told what equipment was purchased with the funds that the company allocated to develop health care in the sea city. The video bronchoscope, which the health facility received, is extremely important in the diagnosis of lung diseases and lung carcinomas, as well as in the complications of covid-infection or lung pneumonia.

This is an apparatus that we didn't have, but thanks to Sutherland and their support we were able to get it. The appointment of a special bronchoscopist - pulmonologist, who will perform the necessary examinations with this apparatus in the Medical Center and in the subsidiary company Base 2 - the "Faith and Hope" Medical Center, is pending.

The second part of the donation was related to activities in the field of surgery. A special surgical electro knife that greatly facilitates the work of our surgeons in the treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer and cancer of the digestive system, especially colon cancer. So this surgical knife with its extremely good parameters facilitates the work of surgeons, improves the operative activity itself and its results.

The third part of the donation was related to the purchase of surgical instruments for the needs of thoracic surgery, which we are yet to develop. Today we even received permission from the Ministry of Health to open a new activity in thoracic surgery and we will work in this direction, thanks to the Sutherland company and Mr. Doug Gilbert,"  said the hospital manager.

Prof. Bozov pointed out that it is extremely important for KOC-Burgas to have a video bronchoscope, as it helps to visualize the image itself in the lung parenchyma. For example, if lung pneumonia develops, a biopsy of the lung tissue can also be taken with this device. It penetrates through the trachea, through the bronchi, it also penetrates the lung tissue itself, examines what the process is in the lung and can give an assessment of whether it is pneumonic, whether it is carcinoma, what type of pneumonia or carcinoma has developed. With the bronchoscope, a part of this tissue can also be taken, examined histologically in the pathology laboratory of the KOC, and then determine what treatment to give to these patients, which is of decisive importance for the quality treatment and cure of the patients of the KOC - Burgas.

"The authorization we received today from the Ministry of Health for thoracic surgery is for level two, which allows biopsies to be taken from lung carcinomas, as well as some surgical interventions in the chest area, but this is yet to be developed and to structure a department. The development of thoracic surgery is part of the treatment process for patients with lung cancer, because they, in addition to receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, are also subject to surgical treatment. That's why we want to close this whole circle - when the patient has such a disease to be treated comprehensively and comprehensively in our Complex Oncology Center," added Prof. Hristo Bozov.

This is what the head of the information and digital department of Sutherland Global Services, Mr. Doug Gilbert, told a reporter:

Sutherland is an experience-led digital transformation company operating in over 60 locations including Bulgaria who helps digitally transform many of the world's largest and most recognized global brands. With a sizable team of people in Bulgaria leading some of these transformations, we are personally invested in this country.

When Prof. Bozov became interested in bringing the same level of digital transformation to medicine and specifically to KOC-Burgas, we wanted to be part of this innovation that would lead to positive results for patients, while giving back to the local community.

The way we looked at it was we took the entire funding. So the entire cost of these leading machines, we decided to fund all of that. Rather than trying to get many people to fund that, we funded the entire project.

As we engaged in this project, we saw the cost of these leading medical machines. We also saw the positive impact that this could bring, not only in the fight against the COVID pandemic, but also in the Center's ability to have a longer-term impact in other areas, such as fighting various forms of cancer. 

The donation for this project is focused on enabling the Center in a way that enables innovative care and directly drives better patient outcomes and healthcare for the community.

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