Bedrock Healthcare at home strengthens its position in the Healthcare Industry with a strategic partnership with Sutherland


EDISON, NJ, (November 16, 2023) – Bedrock Healthcare at Home, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Sutherland, a renowned experience-led transformation company. This collaboration represents a significant stride in Bedrock Healthcare at Home's mission to provide exceptional and comprehensive healthcare services.

The partnership between Bedrock Healthcare at Home and Sutherland is a testament to both organizations' commitment to enhancing patient care through the integration of advanced technology and industry expertise. By leveraging Sutherland's extensive experience in business process optimization and Bedrock Healthcare at Home's patient-centered approach, the partnership aims to drive impactful changes in the healthcare landscape.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Sutherland to further elevate our healthcare services and deliver a superior patient experience," stated Dr. Andre Gomez, DPT, President and COO at Bedrock Healthcare at Home. "This partnership enables us to harness Sutherland’s operational excellence and technological capabilities to enhance our service delivery and optimize patient care."

Through this collaboration, Bedrock Healthcare at Home and Sutherland seek to optimize operational efficiency, streamline processes, and improve the overall patient journey. The partnership aims to create a seamless and integrated healthcare experience, placing patient well-being at the forefront of every service provided.

"We are excited to partner with Bedrock Healthcare at Home to drive innovation and create a positive impact in the healthcare industry," said Jordan Armstrong, Healthcare Practice Head at Sutherland. "By combining our global expertise in business process transformation with Bedrock Healthcare at Home's dedication to patient care, we are confident that we can set new standards of excellence in healthcare services."

This partnership embodies a shared vision to redefine healthcare services, streamline operations, and enhance the overall patient experience. Bedrock Healthcare at Home and Sutherland remain committed to fostering a healthcare ecosystem that is efficient, patient-centric, and technologically advanced.


About Sutherland

Sutherland is an experience-led digital transformation company, with offices in 14 countries across five continents. Our mission is to deliver exceptionally designed and engineered experiences for customers and employees across industries, including financial services, technology, healthcare, telecommunications, and logistics. For over 37 years, we have cared for our client's customers, delivering measurable results and accelerating growth. Our proprietary, AI-based products and platforms are built using robust IP and automation. We are a team of global professionals, operationally effective, culturally meshed, and committed to our clients and to one another. We call it One Sutherland.


About Bedrock Healthcare at Home

Bedrock Healthcare at Home is the leading provider of clinical & operational experts who are championing the digital transformation era, with only one goal in mind; to optimize the patient experience by navigating our patients through our healthcare ecosystem. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and evidence-based clinical services, Bedrock is committed to enhancing the lives of residents and empowering them to live their best lives. For more information about Bedrock Healthcare at Home, please visit

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