Sutherland Remote Engagement

With deep experience that crosses industries and geographies, Sutherland Remote Engagement solutions unlock high performance outcomes with flexible, resilient services delivered dynamically from anywhere in the world.

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Dynamic Platform
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Platform as a Service (PaaS) Solutions

The Sutherland Remote Engagement solutions platform is purpose-built to be a "Platform as a Service" (PaaS), designed specifically to overcome many of the challenges that often arise in remote environments such as security, remote support, telephony, training, and collaboration. Platform solutions include:

  • CloudCenter managed platform solution including all in one e-learning, performance-enhancing gamification, coaching, and quality management tools.
  • Cutting-edge eLearning capabilities.
  • Consultation and implementation services tailored to your specific needs.
Best Talent
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Best Talent Anywhere in the World

Whether licensed insurance sales, mortgage underwriting, HIPAA-protected medical record coding, or gaming enthusiast technical support for one of the world's largest OEMs, Sutherland Remote Engagement solutions provide customers with the right talent profile at the right time. Leveraging Sutherland's extensive geographic footprint and deep vertical industry expertise, we have successfully expanded services throughout the United States and Canada as well as pioneered services in other geographies to include APAC, LATAM, and EMEA.

Business Continuity
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Uninterrupted Business Operations

With the rising risk of disastrous weather, geo-political, and other destabilizing events, Sutherland Remote Engagement solutions are the ideal way to establish or enhance any Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan (DR/BCP). Leveraging a highly diverse geographically distributed workforce with limited to no hard site presence can virtually eliminate critical impact to customers and operations and can be further enhanced with a contingent virtual workforce that can flex up and down to emergent needs.

Flexible Workforce
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Distributed and Flexible Workforce

Improve staffing efficiencies by up to 30% by enabling a highly distributed and flexible workforce that can be staffed up and down to planned and emergent transaction volume surges and business seasonality.

Hardened Security
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Secure and Scalable Technology

Sutherland Remote Engagement solutions provide a dedicated PCI-DSS backend compute environment with "hardened" client devices to prevent manipulation and data leakage (including HIPAA applications). Operating over lightweight and encrypted network protocols, our highly scalable and geographically extensible infrastructure can work seamlessly with DSL-like network speeds. Real-time fingerprint, voice, and other biometric scanning can be leveraged to ensure heightened secure access in a remote environment.

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