Empower, Automate, and Transform Your BFS Enterprise With AI-powered Sutherland FinTelligent

Reimagine BFS operations with hyper-automation, AI, GenAI and cognitive computing, turning obstacles into advantages for greater efficiency, CX, and ROI.

A second wave of AI-powered automation is emerging in BFS, and this next stage is complex, with less clear cut use cases.FIs are still grappling with growing compliance demands, poor UX, legacy systems, inefficient processes, and sub-optimal throughput. To win, FIs need to reengineer processes, leverage technology that can help them address current and future challenges effectively and do so in the most cost-effective way.

Sutherland FinTelligent is a holistic, AI-powered, platform-agnostic hyper automation solution that delivers across every facet of BFS automation. We infuse automation systematically with a model that’s mapped to your business needs to help you seamlessly embrace the second wave of AI-powered automation.

  • Unmatched Flexibility. Proprietary hyper-automation platforms deliver unmatched flexibility and agility
  • One Stop Shop. End-to-end automation capability with a comprehensive intelligent automation stack.
  • Bespoke Engagement Models. From license-based to project-based, development-only, fully managed, outcome-based or advisory.
  • BFS Domain Expertise. Depth of experience in identifying and implementing complex automation use cases for FIs.
  • Best of Breed Partnerships. Strategic partnerships with industry-leading firms across automation platforms, workflow automation, and business intelligence.

What We Do

We determine the right automation solution for you, with bespoke advisory services aligned with your business objectives spanning automation strategy, maturity studies, operational excellence setup, proof-of-concept validation, and advanced mining techniques.

From document extraction, intelligent bots, AI CoE, GenAI studio and case management, our comprehensive tech stack of proprietary platforms and industry partnerships deliver best-in-class automation across your front, middle and back office processes.

We provide continuous support through bot maintenance, our helpdesk, enhancements, and a global command center to ensure continuous efficiencies and minimal downtime.

Why Sutherland




TCO Reduction


Effort Reduction


Accuracy & Compliance


Faster TAT


CSAT Uplift

Segments We Serve

Sutherland FinTelligent drives automation across originations, compliance, fraud and disputes, and customer servicing to improve CX, unlock revenue faster, drives productivity gains, and ensure compliance with efficient, faster onboarding and accurate KYC/AML checks.
Automate card issuance, settlements and reconciliations, disputes and chargebacks, and account and customer servicing for improved CX and data-led decision-making. Sutherland’s cards process automation helps improve customer retention and minimize application abandonment rate.
From payment processing and transaction monitoring to settlements and reconciliations, Sutherland FinTelligent improves accuracy and enhances efficiency by lowering ‘not in good order’ payments and boosting compliance and fraud control.
From origination to collections, Sutherland FinTelligent drives efficiencies and enhances straight through processing across the value chain for personal loans, student loans, BNPL to help you deliver a seamless customer experience and reduce time to credit decision.
Improve the customer and dealer experience and reduce TCO through faster approvals and disbursements, automated contract execution, and end-to-end process automation across origination, funding, customer service, and collections.

Case Study

Automating Processes for a National Financial Services Provider

Our results



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Case Study

Leading Financial Services Provider Accelerates Operational Efficiencies

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Time and Effort Savings in Online Tax Filing

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Case Study

Leading Third-Party Loan Servicing Company Overcomes Macro-Economic Challenges To Reduce TCO by 40%

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SLA and Process Efficiency Achievement

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Case Study

Sutherland Robility™ Increases Efficiencies for Leading Lending Platform

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Completion rate for add-on requests

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