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Our client needed to create and establish connected consumer device support. Learn how Sutherland Global helped transform their customer service line.

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MARCH 09, 2021

Meeting Demand in a Growing Market

Recently, our client acquired a large remote services division from a leading electronics retailer. With the rapid growth of their smart home and connected consumer base, their existing support infrastructure faced a significant challenge. More people than ever were now connecting devices and applications to their home networks. With every one of their KPIs under pressure, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), demand for support was outpacing capacity. Our client needed to establish a new way of providing connected consumer device support.

Customer Service
Transformation at Scale

Our Sutherland Labs team conducted research to understand our client’s entire customer experience, exploring areas like device interaction and customer service. They also analyzed the competitive landscape for home tech support, and through our research, we transformed their customer service with a suite of innovative support solutions. By establishing a single point of contact across multiple products, we enabled tech support experts to provide comprehensive assistance for IoT connected home devices.

Our support service and multi-channel tools were available 24/7 and included conversational AI support, a self-help microsite, voice-assisted support and device health checks. Our Sutherland SmartLeap HelpTree platform also played a pivotal role, transforming customer support by seamlessly integrating with other client systems to provide a more straightforward user experience.

From CRM to payment processing to process design and training materials, the holistic omnichannel experience we created provided continuity for customers and detailed oversight and value for the client.

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