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Read how Sutherland improved accuracy and process with robotic process automation for the largest insurance company in Italy.

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Industry Insurance
JANUARY 09, 2017

Sutherland engaged with the client during a time where their reinsurance business received a surge of new policies that required manual keying of data in multiple systems. The manual work resulted in a heavy backlog and their underwriting team was constantly playing catch up. The existing process required input of over 300 fields into two systems to bring the reinsurance policy to life. The client made several attempts to automate the process on their own with little to no bene t. As keying of data is highly error prone and arguably one of the most complex and laborious processes in reinsurance, this organization lacked a way to streamline their work and mitigate errors.


Sutherland was engaged to implement a robotic process automation solution (RPA) to centralize processing and automate the input of data across the client’s multiple systems. RPA was able to automate many manual processes while providing exception management oversite at the task level to mitigate errors. This solution significantly accelerated the pace of processing at a dramatically reduced cost. The client was also pleased to see that our virtual machines were able to effortlessly streamline the process of tackling unprecedented changes in volumes. The client now has visibility into volumes and issues, and identifies areas for improvement. And with detailed reporting that offers visibility into all aspects of the data entry process, the client is able to constantly monitor activity – a feature not available when they handled data entry internally.

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