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Learn how a hyper growth small commercial insurer was able to scale, through a unique operating model solution and a set of digital accelerators, reducing the cost to serve and uplifting customer experience.

Services D2C Sales (Licensed Agents), Policy Servicing (Licensed and Unlicensed Agents), Partner Channel Servicing (Licensed and Unlicensed Agents), Policy Administration (Back – Middle Office), Digital Transformation, Automation, Data Analytics
Industry Insurance
AUGUST 24, 2023

The Challenge

Build a Resilient and Scalable Operating Model to Address Double Digit Growth

The insurer was experiencing serious operational challenges during a period of unprecedented growth – and the damage was rippling out to undermine customer experience.

Their urgent scaling requirements were compromised by a severe lack of staff for both front- and back-office operations. The backlog of back-office customer cases surpassed 10,000 and increased by the day. Meanwhile, front-office customer service experienced daily abandonment of 40% or more.

Faced with highly dissatisfied customers and a resulting drop in renewal rates, this insurer knew they needed an experienced partner to support their growth. One who could transform their self-service solutions, provide expertise in Policy Servicing, and deliver exceptional CX via a scalable digital operating model.


Customer Journey Redesigned With a Human-Centric Approach

Sutherland partnered with the insurance provider to mitigate their operational challenges. The first step was setting up a team of small commercial licensed agent experts coupled with advanced automation.

A global operating model was created for scale and resiliency by rolling out a bespoke blueprint for digital transformation. This enhanced advisor efficiency and quality so that the insurer could thrive and improve on their impressive growth.

With the effective decoupling of licensed and non-licensed work streams, they redesigned staff processes. Plus, the modernizing of training content boosted customer service quality up to 95%.

An advanced digital dashboard helped this insurer measure agent effectiveness. Transparent reporting enabled via Sutherland Power BI provided opportunities to enhance customer engagement across the board.

Live CHAT and CHAT BOT were launched, and with Sutherland CX 360 and Speech Analytics to support, customer interaction audits could be optimized through automation.

The digital transformation, coupled with the introduction of a robust workforce management model, meant that the back-office customer case backlog came down to a manageable amount, representative of the industry average.

The results? Happy customers. Through their partnership with Sutherland, this insurer made a significant and rewarding impact on customer experience and loyalty, lowering the abandonment rate to less than 5%.

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