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Insurance Reimagined With Digital-First Operations

Sutherland TPA-Edge goes beyond traditional TPAs, delivering end-to-end efficiencies, conversions, and cost savings with best-in-class partnerships and unbeatable industry expertise.

FEBRUARY 28, 2024

Revolutionizing Insurance TPA with Fresh Perspectives

From integration difficulty and narrow digital capability to limited product flexibility and below-par conversion rates, traditional TPAs are struggling to deliver on key business outcomes for insurers. But where they see challenge, we see opportunity. Sutherland TPA-EDGE brings together best-of breed solutions across sales, servicing, and claims. Fostering transparency, enhancing customer journeys, and optimizing claims processing, our AI and datadriven solutions guarantee unparalleled efficiency, satisfaction, and adaptability in the dynamic insurance landscape.

Insurance Reimagined With Digital-First OperationsInsurance Reimagined With Digital-First Operations


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