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This point-of-sales provider enhanced their customer satisfaction scores and first-call resolutions with a team of supportive experts from Sutherland.

Services B2B Client Services
Industry Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods
FEBRUARY 20, 2024

The Challenge

Delivering Accelerated Tech Resolutions to a Challenging Customer Base

Time-poor restaurant owners are not necessarily tech-savvy. This was something this restaurant management software provider is all too familiar with.

They provide all-in-one point-of-sale systems to everyone between family-owned single sites and large restaurant enterprises, which means their customer base present a mix of circumstances and levels of expertise.

Their subscription-based model is satisfaction-reliant, so anything that compromises customer trust, especially within the crucial first 30-90 days, is bad news. However, managing multiple users can be challenging when clients don’t upgrade the software, change internet providers, or experience common hardware problems, with no time or adequate knowledge to rectify them.

With plans to launch into Europe, this company was ready to embrace a new customer service model that would, at scale, support every one of their clients through to resolving their software challenges. They turned to Sutherland as an expert in this space.

The Outcome

A New Customer Service Team of Experts to Drive First-Call Resolution

To mitigate the risk of customer frustration, we established a robust and efficient troubleshooting and resolution process operated by our team of 1st and 2nd level technical experts based in Mexico.

This effectively meant that customer service experts could take their end users through any issue to its resolution empathetically. At the same time, it eased the pressure on the business during the busiest periods, helping them refocus on their continued growth.

Implementing our set of retail-tailored solutions and technologies enabled this client to support their customers and enhance their internal efficiency through even the most technically challenging scenarios. The results speak for themselves, with increased first-call resolution rates, and boosted customer satisfaction scores.

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