Case Study

Improved Issue Resolution & Employee Satisfaction

Petco is a leading pet specialty retailer that focuses on nurturing powerful relationships between people and pets.

Customer Engagement Transformation
Digital Transformation

The Problem

As Petco’s fans grew on social networks, more and more customers were beginning to turn to Twitter, Facebook and other online Petco communities for help. Responsible for community building, Petco’s digital marketing team was attempting to aid customers during their downtime. Without a support structure in place, customers waited hours or days to receive a response, if at all. This distraction also hindered the digital marketing team from focusing on content creation and building their community.​

The Sutherland Transformation

To improve customer service, Sutherland launched a team of moderators to focus solely on Petco’s online communities. Using a third-party online monitoring tool, new messages to Petco’s accounts were automatically imported into a CRM environment, speeding up issue identification and ensuring no comment was missed. To ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels, Sutherland implemented a defined set of customer engagement best practices. By taking over the individual customer interactions, Sutherland was able to let Petco’s digital marketing team focus on what they do best: growing and engaging their fan base.​

The Results

< 10 minutes

Customers can expect a response within 10 minutes of posting on a social channel

 Posts not reviewed by a moderator within 24 hours

Results from March 2014 through November 2016 

Community User Growth

Results from March 2014 through November 2016