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Delivering Impactful Outcomes with AI-Powered Analytics

Use AI-Powered analytics to extract real-time prescriptive insights and build an intelligence-driven organization.

Intent Driven AI

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To extract intelligence from big data lakes, a powerful combination of AI-Powered analytics, intuitive logic and human expertise is required.

Sutherland enables the Guardian Group to think in new ways, to learn quickly from new insights into our business and to act quickly and accurately so that we can take advantage of new opportunities.”

Organizations need the ability to continually recalibrate predictions based on the interconnected context within their business functions, industry and economy. It is with this real-time intelligence that organizations can deliver more meaningful outcomes.

The Sutherland Business Analytics and Applications platform (sBAAP) is an AI-Powered data platform with over 40 cognitively adaptable applications built on a hierarchical model. Its inbuilt machine learning algorithms enable orgnanizations to analyze data-driven insights in real time to extract actionable insights using its Cognitive Knowledge Engine (CKE). This Intent-driven AI technology is a unique new way to simultaneously search multiple sources of data regardless of file type, size or complexity.

Our AI-Powered
Analytics Approach

Using process-centric AI, machine learning and human synthesis, we enable organizations to extract actionable insights across their business.

We partner with businesses to build a digital and analytics roadmap. With human synthesis we contextualize sensitive analytics to inform the big data infrastructure build. Applications are then customized for predictive modelling and actionable insights visualized. This AI-Powered Analytics Approach enables organizations to unlock their market potential by enabling contextualized decisions to happen faster to improve business outcomes.

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Our AI-Powered
Analytics Methodology

Build your digital roadmap with data and analytics maturity.
With human synthesis we contextualize sensitive analytics to build big data lakes, infrastructure, and roadmaps.
Customize and automate applications to enable predictions to be continuously recalibrated.
Visualize and report on the actionable operational and critical insights that inform key business outcomes.

The Outcomes

Unlock market potential through data integration, analytics, governance and a 360° view of the customer.
Continuously learn through automated cognitive intelligence and customer centricity.
Relate social sentiment to purchase intent and derive strategic action though web log data.

Our Work | Leading US provider of Reloadable Pre-Paid Cards

Improving End-to-end Customer Lifecycle Management

Our Results


Increase in customer satisfaction scores

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Our Work | Top US Auto Insurance Company

Using Applied
Analytics to Drive
Smart, Actionable, and Scalable Solutions

Our Results


Helped drive up quote volumes incrementally by 22% while keeping the media spend constant

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Our Work | Guardian Group pre-paid cards

Sutherland's Cloud-Based Solutions Reduce Labor Costs

Our Results


Reduction in manual efforts and associated labor cost for some activities

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AI Products and Platforms

Our next generation data analytics solutions and platform has over 40 cognitively adaptable analytics applications build on algorithmic DNA with a hierarchical model.

Intelligent Business Services

Our Intelligent Business Service applications leverage pre-built algorithms to deep dive into relevant data sources to help businesses solve specific problems at scale.

Consulting and Applied Analytics Services

Our multi-stage process begins by defining the business problem. This is followed by discovery led experimentation and technical feasibility testing against business use cases.

Information Management and Business Research

Our Information Management capabilities optimize the ratio between the value of data and its storage costs, while also gaining extended capabilities to handle complex data providing users with a richer analytical experience.

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