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Adopting a Human-Centric, Automation-First Approach to Building an Organization of the Future

Whether you’re facing margin erosion due to inefficient decision making or looking to improve working capital, we help you achieve measurable business outcomes at scale.

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Quote to Cash

Quote to Cash Services

Embrace predictive analytics and intelligent automation to transform your customers’ experience and improve your “Speed-to-Bank”.

We offer a variety of services for both Sales and Operations Planning (from sales support to quote management), and Order-to-Cash activities (from order management to collections) that deliver results for both B2B and B2C organizations. Using Six Sigma process improvement methodologies, we provide a comprehensive Q2C platform, real-time reporting, and analytics.

Source to Pay

Source to Pay Services

When you’re able to streamline your end-user and supplier experience, some pretty amazing things happen. With analytics and intelligent operations, you improve procurement operations, invoice processing and payments, and travel and expense (T&E) activities—in turn accelerating “Speed-to-Value.”

Our Source-to-Pay offering includes a variety of end-to-end services—all with a comprehensive S2P platform using real-time reporting and analytics and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies.

Record to Report

Record to Report Services

Closing the books is a key stage in the financial reporting process because it provides visibility into the financial performance of your company. By automating and embedding AI and analytics into this process your accuracy and “Speed to Close” and “Speed to Value” improves.

Our offering includes everything from General Accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis through to highly specialized finance activities providing a comprehensive R2R platform, real time reporting, and analytics and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies.

Industry Specialized

Industry Specialized Services

By taking a people-empowered, automation-first approach, we transform accounting services across a range of functions within specific industries, including franchise/store accounting, hydrocarbon accounting, airline PAX and cargo accounting, non-profit accounting, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). By providing our clients with end-to-end visibility and the capacity to act on business insights, they maximize business outcomes. From improved productivity to increased EBITDA.

Next generation business process: It's all about combining automation with real-time insights & digital labor programs. Watch the video to learn more.
Sutherland Robility is the finance and accounting process automation solution you can count on. Watch the video to find out why.
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Our suite of offerings, which include Sutherland Prodigy, robotics, and analytics, enable meaningful business outcomes and straight through processing. Strategic partnerships with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services allow us to further reposition the digital operating model by removing transactional activities through automation and machine learning.

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