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Discover how a D2C strategy can lower sales costs by 70 percent while growing policy acquisition

How to Excel at Direct Sales

Continued consumer demand for quick and seamless shopping has forced insurance providers to add or accelerate direct-to-consumer sales into their core strategy. Excelling at D2C now and into the future means perfecting the art of digital engagement.

From a customer's perspective, researching and buying insurance products needs to be as easy as it is to shop for anything else online. But with even the simplest of policies more complex than typical consumer goods and services, D2C insurers need a partner who specializes in maximizing policy acquisition outcomes.

The most effective D2C solutions require collaboration between humans and machines. Sutherland solutions make digital more human with automated processes that take the agent out of the prequalification process, then bring in those with highly specialized skill sets to close more deals.

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Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

The easier insurers can make it for potential buyers to engage with them, the better. Today, insurers need to focus on interacting with people via the mediums that penetrate and reach them in their every day worlds. This necessitates an omnichannel approach. Continual monitoring across all channels (social, SMS, email, app, web, etc.) helps you understand customer sentiment and motivation at every touchpoint, so you know what's needed to deliver superb customer experiences every time.

Maintain and Expand Market Share

Insurers that excel at direct sales do more than increase market penetration, they also drive greater revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce policy acquisition costs. A partner established in D2C automation with proven policy acquisition expertise will fast track your success -- with solutions customized to your unique business needs. Experts who specialize in design thinking and customer intelligence deliver better designed shopping experiences that drive topline growth and a stronger bottom line.

Maintain and Expand Market Share
Maximize Your Analytics

Maximize Your Analytics

A continuous feedback loop generated by Cognitive AI can inform your agents in real time what will most likely advance hesitant purchasers down your sales funnel. Armed with this intel, your agents will waste less time trying to determine customer pain points. Instead, insights from sentitment analytics will guide them to make recommendations, anticipate customer concerns, improve response times, and convert pre-qualified shoppers swiftly into policyholders.

Boost Satisfaction via Augmentation

Though studies show customers prefer insurance website interactions over conversations with agents, technology that augments agent interactions is proven to boost customer satisfaction. Enlisting licensed live agents specially trained to work in accelerated, AI-assisted environments means more live calls get converted into binding policies. Sutherland solutions have proven to achieve a near-unbeatable customer satisfaction rate of over 98 percent.

Boost Satisfaction via Augmentation

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3 key advantages

Hire Fewer Agents

Automated prequalification boosts the efficacy and efficiency of your policy acquisition agents, helping you to penetrate a much larger part of the market without needing to increase the size of your team.

Reduce Complexity

The last thing you need when building or augmenting your D2C infrastructure is unnecessary complexity and fragmented efforts. With one integrated solution that offers a full suite of complementary capabilities, your omnichannel D2C solution is accessible to highly trained licensed agents working from any location.

Boost Your ROI

Avoid large up front capital expenditures. A use-as-needed cloud service allows you to pay as you grow. And with Sutherland billing based on actual business outcomes (instead of promised results), our risk-reward engagement model works to your advantage.

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