Rochester, NY – Feb. 13, 2018 – In today’s market, disruption is a driving force of change behind how companies operate, how they compete, and ultimately, how they boost their bottom line. Disruption needs to encompass 3 main things in order for it to be successful.

  1.  Design Thinking
  2.  Digital Strategy
  3.  Agility

Design thinking is a methodology for diagnosing and solving business problems.

The benefits:

  • Promotes innovation that results in value for customers
  • Helps companies thrive in today’s digitally disrupted business environment
  • Blends logic and intuition, imagination with systemic reasoning
  • Engages organizations across disciplines to reimagine end-to-end operations through an iterative design process

The result: Transform customer pain into customer delight.

The methodology has three phases: Design, Develop and Deliver

Digital Strategy that is focused on customer experience requires business stakeholders to challenge the notion of business-as-usual.


Organizations need to think holistically about their digital strategy, formulating seamless front to back office execution models. A digital strategy must should consider these three actions: Identify, Define and Transcend.

Agility is critical to successful digital transformation. It allows organizations to leave legacy behind and reinvent business processes, and allows for seamless end-to-end business processes for customers.

Having an agile environment that quickly responds to change through an iterative, ongoing process, that is sensitized to the evolving needs and expectations of customers is a great place to be for digital transformation and disruption.




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