Sutherland Acquires Big Data Analytics Firm Nuevora

Acquisition Offers Clients Ideal Combination of Analytics Expertise and BPO Experience to Save Money, Time While Driving Customer Actions and Business Outcomes.

ROCHESTER, NY, October 8, 2016 – To further help clients gain stronger insights from big data and use that information to develop programs for retaining and growing customers, Sutherland Global Services today announced it has acquired Nuevora, a leading top 10 big data analytics firm. The move advances the company's big data analytics capabilities and addresses the fundamental challenge companies' face in trying to translate massive amounts of customer data into immediately useful action.

Nuevora's big data analytics and applications complement Sutherland's analytics network, quickly and uniquely converting data into predictive and prescriptive insights. Sutherland now offers customers an end-to-end set of analytic capabilities that achieve faster results, greater cost savings and smarter BPO services. That includes:

  • The ability to provide data-to-insights 2x – 4x faster than manual processing.
  • Significant cost savings through reducing a client's FTE resources for data management by 30 percent, modeling by 70 percent, publishing by 75 percent and monitoring by 60 percent.
  • Analytics-as-a-Service that provides analytic insights on-demand with utility based pricing.

"Our clients are increasingly amassing vast quantities of customer data in their day to day business," said Dilip Vellodi, Sutherland chairman and CEO. "Nuevora brings an immense competitive differentiator to Sutherland, giving our customers the ability to monetize their data assets, provision their analytic platforms, and deliver new predictive and prescriptive insights."

This acquisition will have wide implications for a variety of industries, including banking, technology, retail, travel, health, mortgage, insurance, telecom, transportation, government and entertainment. It allows companies to quickly and easily combine data from different areas of their businesses, giving them an integrated view of customers that shows their true worth.

In banking, for instance, customers can have checking and savings accounts, as well as credit cards, but, too often, this information is kept in siloes. Customers with healthy checking accounts may close their credit cards, and banks wouldn't necessarily see how they could retain that transactional part of the business with an offer tailored for those customers. This complete view helps Sutherland develop more actionable predictive models.

Nuevora will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sutherland led by Nuevora's founder and CEO, Phani Nagarjuna, who will also assume the leadership position of chief analytics officer responsible for Sutherland's global analytics business operations. Mr. Nagarjuna brings 15 years of leadership experience across entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, operational transformations, global sales and marketing, and product management in the software, transformation, analytics, and information technology industries to Sutherland.

"The combination of Nuevora and Sutherland offer the marketplace an end-to-end Business Process as a Service set of capabilities that can drive operational excellence based on powerful predictive analytics and machine learning," said Mr. Nagarjuna.

About Sutherland

Sutherland is the world's largest privately held business processes firm who leads clients on their digital transformation journey with strategic consulting, innovative design thinking and predictive and prescriptive big data analytics. We are revolutionizing business processes for some of the world's best know brands. Companies like the most popular internet search engine who rely on us for their customer technology services; the leading streaming music provider who trusts us to supply real time social media responses to their customer's posts and tweets, and the world's largest logistics company who utilize our robotics technology to help reduce costs and streamline their order processing. Our business processes streamline and simplify operations that drive revenue, enable rapid growth, reduce operating costs and create experiences that thrill our client's customers.

About Nuevora

Nuevora is a unique Big Data analytics solutions provider that helps leading organizations achieve positive, high-impact business outcomes through the delivery of continuous and context-sensitive predictive insights. Nuevora's analytics platform enables faster, scalable, and intuitive development and application of predictive insights by business users. Nuevora's solutions are built as dynamic predictive solutions targeted to optimize specific business problems across the entire customer life cycle. Leveraging a combination of data science, predictive algorithms, and big data technologies, Nuevora's strong team of data scientists and consultants help organizations implement smarter decisions across entire customer life cycle. The company works with some of the leading corporations in retail, financial services, insurance, high-technology, travel services, and other industries. Nuevora is headquartered in the Bay Area, CA and has been ranked by as one of 10 big data firms. Visit our website at