Deploying Intelligent Customer Engagement Strategies

Enhance and tailor experiences for connected technology, social platforms, and streaming companies.

Every Customer Is Connected

As engagement on social media platforms continues to grow, and adoption of streaming services and connected devices surges, service providers are seeking new business strategies to cater to connected users while trimming operational expenses.

Our integrated solutions harness intelligent automation, cloud technology, process engineering, and applied AI to optimize customer retention, unveil business insights, and drive accelerated growth.

Revolutionize Your Connected Business

Revamp your company's operations by harnessing smart automation and cutting-edge analytics to enhance decision-making, user engagement, content delivery, and insights generation. Our top-tier technologies will also enable you to revolutionize user experiences, driving higher engagement, lowering support costs, and boosting revenue streams.

Leveraging Sutherland's blend of industry knowledge and proprietary platforms, we empower you to gather and interpret real-time user interactions and platform performance data. This allows for the optimization of content creation, audience engagement, platform maintenance, distribution, and other key processes crucial to your connected business success.

Digital Transformation Services

Enable a human-centric approach to digital transformation. Solve challenges along the customer journey, improve digital channels, and identify new service opportunities.

Harness the power of big data by using analytics and modeling. Our solutions provide a deeper understanding of customer behavior, increase customer adoption and renewals, and expand share of wallet.

Take control of your content. From social media platforms to community support, brand protection, and reviews management, we tailor our services to meet your individual business needs.

Deliver best-in-class customer experiences. Partnering with us gives you direct access to our deep industry expertise, innovative digital technology solutions, and flexible engagement models. By simplifying processes, we help you stay agile, so you can serve your customers better and faster.

Our offerings

  • Digital Experience and Automation
  • Application and Business Modernization
  • Data Engineering
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Transformation

Design and implement smart omnichannel journeys covering the entire customer experience lifecycle – from customer acquisition to sales, service, retention, and support. By leveraging AI and intelligent automation, we streamline contact center operations to eliminate pain points and create lasting connections.

Sutherland integrates experience-centric design, LEAN principles, and ROI-focused strategies to craft scalable digital solutions. Leveraging proprietary and partner technologies, we deliver tailored solutions aligned with clients' critical business goals. Our flexible transaction models ensure long-term alignment and tangible outcomes.

Streamline your global support operations. We’ll help you capitalize on renewal opportunities through customer success services – whether it be your advertising partners, small and mid-size business users, or large enterprise customers – integrating your platforms with digitally enabled toolsets.

Products and Platforms

Sutherland Robility™

Free up your most skilled humans to do the most human work – high-risk, high impact, and strategic work that disrupts markets and competition.

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Sutherland Smartleap™ HelpTree

Improve the usability, effectiveness, and intelligence of your knowledge base through our knowledge management platform powered by a robust decision network architecture.

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Sutherland Conversational AI

Enterprise-grade chatbot software applications that help automate customer self-service interactions.

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