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Sutherland’s Next Generation Online Community Management services help a global news publishing house enhance their brand image, drive customer loyalty and increase overall revenue via platform advertising.

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AUGUST 04, 2022

Boosting Community Engagement and Enhancing Conversation Quality

Tenet Partners and Core Brand LLC rank our client among its world’s most powerful brands. They are a leader in digital news publishing across industries such as sports, finance, auto and more — and maintain more than 500 million consumer relationships.

This media house wanted to level up its online community by boosting engagement and enhancing the quality of their conversations. In addition, they wanted to drive advertising revenue and increase their brand loyalty.

In earlier years of online communities, members were happy to be part of a group of like-minded people with similar interests. Today, members are seeking more than just the generic information; they are in a constant pursuit to uncover deeper, original, expert-vetted and analysed insights.

Added to that is the ever-more urgent need to apply a higher level of subject matter expertise to drive conversations as well as better control toxic comments and misinformative content.

Deeper Member Engagement, Lower Toxicity, Higher Ad Income

Sutherland implemented the Next Generation Online Community Management (NextGen OCM) with sector-specific subject matter experts (SMEs) to reinforce their community managers.

In this engagement, NextGen OCM SMEs were deployed in a community interested in the financial world. Whenever financial news broke, our SMEs reacted fast, as there’s always breaking news in this space. They researched the subject and appeared online with observations, expert insights and thought-provoking conversation starters.

SME participation ignited more nuanced and informed conversations that kept members up-to-date and in-the-know for subjects they’re passionate about. The SMEs had their fingers on the pulse of the community to consistently deliver commentary that kept members active, engaged and involved. What’s more, a lively, more informed community attracted thought leaders who added their own unique perspectives to enrich conversations.

As part of Sutherland’s global delivery model, NextGen OCM SMEs speak the languages of the geographies they cover to support conversations that were on-point and on-voice.

Additionally, the SMEs’ knowledge also supported community moderation with fact checking that helped reduce misinformation and toxicity to foster a more productive, informed and enjoyable community experience.

While advertisers traditionally evaluate eyeball counts — and still do — today, audience engagement is a new prime metric. Our clients’ higher engagement numbers have succeeded in attracting 18% higher ad revenue, boosting the ROI of their NextGen OCM solution.

Our client also achieved greater brand visibility, as research-powered insightful conversations helped enhance their brand as a thought leader in the financial world.

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