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Achieve true omnichannel customer experience with Sutherland’s AI-powered CXM solutions

Incorporating AI into CXM allows brands to boost effectiveness and efficiency across customer journeys, as well as enable insights to drive better outcomes, and revolutionize your Customer Experience. At Sutherland, we collaborate with our clients to infuse AI, user-focused design and operational excellence across various areas, including Knowledge Management, Agent Experience, Manager Experience, Workforce Management, Quality, Talent Acquisition, and more.

MARCH 22, 2024

Recent AI advancements democratize technology, facilitating widespread adoption and success in cost reduction, enhanced experiences, and revenue growth. Sutherland's proficiency lies in strategic and tactical AI deployment, delivering remarkable KPI enhancements like a 21% reduction in Average Handle Times, a 44% increase in conversion, and an improved CX and EX by 10-15%.

Insurance Reimagined With Digital-First OperationsInsurance Reimagined With Digital-First Operations


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