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Sutherland Named Leader in Automation and Transformation

MARCH 31, 2017

In the recently released ISG Provider Lens report, Sutherland’s digital enabled Finance and Accounting services were recognized for industry leadership. The report referenced a growing trend towards clients needing innovative and technology-driven services and therefore evaluated companies on the ability to provide process transformation services.

ISG defined four client archetypes based on vertical-specific services as a way to help CFOs and other key corporate decision makers determine the best fit for their organization. Because Sutherland aligns with clients who have transitioned from a focus on cost savings to a forwarding looking process transformation and automation mindset, our leadership in the Automation and Transformation Oriented category came as no surprise.

ISG cited Sutherland’s “integrated approach towards transformation, innovation and robotics.”

Sutherland also received high marks for clients looking for integrated solutions. This type of client is eager to consolidate and standardize business processes—they looking to develop 360-degree analytics to make more informed decisions in real-time.

For clients with encumbered processes and operate under heavily regulated industry standards, Sutherland again was cited for its leadership. These vertically focused clients need service providers with proven domain expertise to help them gain a competitive edge through disruptive technologies. Sutherland provides just that.

Regardless of the client archetype, Sutherland is a leading provider of end to end process transformation that delivers improved results businesses can see, and improved experiences customers can feel.

The ISG findings support the positive feedback we hear from clients each day. Learn more about our ongoing efforts in process transformation and automation at or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Want the full report? Download here.

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