Content Moderation in the Digital Age

A human-centric approach to delivering sustainable, scalable solutions.

“~15 billion inappropriate content pieces are posted on social media every day.”
* Source - Comparitech

The Unavoidable Content Challenge

Content moderation is a challenge for organizations of all sizes across every industry.

The shift to digital-first, highly personalized conversations between organizations and online audiences presents ever-evolving content moderation challenges.

From filtering malicious social media posts and product reviews to the 24/7 nature of user-generated content, organizations must react quickly and consistently. The sheer volume of content that requires management is estimated to have grown by 10x over the last few years alone. To stay ahead, forward-thinking organizations need a more effective approach to content moderation.

Managing Content in a 24/7 World

Sutherland helps organizations provide positive human interactions by effectively moderating contentious and harmful content. In turn, this creates safe and trustworthy online communities.

Our long-standing expertise in content creation, deep research, fact-checking, customer experience management, and human-centric design underpins our Content Moderation offering.

This expertise enables Sutherland to strike the right balance between human and machine. AI and automation have an important role to play, but so too do the people working with them—our Content Guardians sit at the heart of the positive experiences we deliver for our clients.

The Sutherland Difference

Talent Sourcing

Best-of-breed psychometric and stress tests

Employee Engagement

Enhanced via proprietary ‘Happiness’ and ‘Social’ indexes

Extensive Wellness Programs

Staffed with dedicated psychologists

Agile icon

Agile Staffing

Staffing and workflow models to maximize productivity


20+ languages in operation

Remote Engagement

Work at Home (WAH) capabilities

AI-Enabled Platform

Automated content screening


  • Photos, Videos, Text, Reviews, Blogs
  • Violence
  • Hate Speech
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Harassment

Professional Network / Gaming

  • Cyberbullying
  • Abuse & Harassment
  • Hate Speech
  • Extremism
  • Remediation
  • Fact-Checking


  • Product Catalog Content
  • Moderate / Validate Product Descriptions
  • Storefront Images & Videos
  • Reviews
  • Chats
  • Q&A

Business Listings

  • Business Identity, Photos, Products & Services
  • Oversight of User-Submitted Content to Platform-Specific Guidelines
  • Flag & Removal of Inappropriate Content

Trust & Safety

  • Account Integrity, Hacking & Account Takeover
  • Payment Protection
  • Chargeback Protection
  • Business Validation

Development / Content Integrity

  • Marketing Content Creation
  • Verticalized Content Development
  • Fraudulent Content Protection
  • Knowledge Base

Case Study Petco

Customer Engagement Transformation: Redefining Petco's Support Capabilities

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