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Enabling Cloud, Security Software, Applications and Software as a Service providers and Enterprises drive growth by maximizing customer adoption and renewal.

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More and more people are adopting entertainment streaming services and connected devices like wearables, smart home devices and appliances. Providers now need intelligent business strategies to support connected consumers all while minimizing costs.

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The Route to Retention

Sutherland accelerates your growth by building integrated cloud-based solutions that leverage intelligent automation, process engineering and applied AI. We help optimize customer retention and uncover business insights that drive growth in both Subscription and Licensing based models.

Key Benefits

Transform the customer lifecycle from onboarding through renewal to increase adoption and customer retention while reducing cancellation, refunds and overall customer churn.
Evolve support models to accommodate interoperability challenges.
Leverage intelligent automation for product testing and for root cause analysis of malfunctions.
Easily migrate customers from legacy products and support to set up on new platforms.
Offset support costs and identify additional sources of revenue.

Digital Transformation Services

Our design services enable a human-centric approach to digital transformation. Whether it is solving challenges along the customer journey, improving digital channels, or identifying new service opportunities—we provide an exceptional foundation that puts your customers first.

Sutherland helps software providers harness the power of big data by using analytics and modeling. Our solutions, like Sutherland CX360, provide a deeper understanding of customer behavior, increase customer adoption and renewals, and expand share of wallet.

We help organizations take control of their content. From social media platforms to community support and reviews management, we tailor our services to meet individual client needs.

Our IT Services leverage decades of business process knowledge in digital technologies to enable best-in-class customer experiences. Partnering with us gives you direct access to our deep industry expertise, innovative digital technology solutions, and flexible engagement models. By simplifying processes, we help you stay agile, so you can serve your customers better and faster.

Sutherland helps customer success teams increase adoption through analytics insights as well as improve consumption, expansion, and renewal growth with proactive service and offers.

Products & Platforms

Our Platform and Digital Technologies enable creative customer engagement strategies that expand customer contact channels and bring innovation through self-service offerings like Sutherland Cognitive Knowledge Engine and Sutherland Conversational AI. We transform your business, delivering measurable results in customer satisfaction, cost reduction and revenues.

Our Enterprise Automation Services, powered by Sutherland Robility, makes processes more efficient for clients by integrating disparate systems in a simple, repeatable and scalable manner. And through our Automation and Robotics offerings, we're not only improving quality and accuracy but also decreasing the legacy costs associated with these operations. 

When companies leverage our platform solutions, Cloud, Applications and Software as a Service providers, they can significantly decrease their cost to serve. By embedding our self-healing solutions into their device, they can preemptively resolve issues and reduce service requests directed at customer support centers.

Customer Interaction Services

We help launch highly targeted, analytics-enabled campaigns to convert “freemium” to paid users by offering enhanced services, including self-service, automated, and assisted-support.

Customer Care

Meet customer needs at every touchpoint and solve problems before they occur to achieve improved revenues and customer satisfaction scores. Smarter processes are needed to fix customer pain points before they become an issue. Covering across Enterprise, B2B and B2C customer segments, we deliver processes that provide exceptional customer experiences.

Product Support/Technical Support

Providers can spend more time focusing on strategic activities when they rely on Sutherland for B2B and B2C Technical Support.

Premium Technical Support

Providers can focus on more strategic activities when they rely on us for product support and testing services. Our range of product support services includes B2B Technical Support, L1/L2 incident management, product configuration, upgrades, and performance monitoring. Our comprehensive product testing services include module, system, integration, regression, data migration, performance and scalability, user acceptance, and pre-deployment testing.

Digital Finance

Leveraging Intelligent Automation to deliver meaningful business outcomes and Straight-Through Processing (STP) via a suite of Digital Finance offerings.

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