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How a global information services and software solutions leader transformed its customer success operations through predictive analytics, intelligent insights, and streamlined processes.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2024

The Challenge

Curbing Costs and Small Business Customer Churn

With operations in over 40 countries and more than 20, 000 employees, this Fortune 500 company is a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance, and legal sectors.

They are recognized for their capabilities in regulatory intelligence and consistently named a leader in various fields. Yet, the legal and regulatory arm of the business struggled when it established a customer success operation to help clients with the deployment and use of its digital products and services.

With a disparity in technologies and resources between large and small business customer segments, and inefficiencies in the processes supporting the customer engagement journey, the business faced escalating costs and attrition rates with its small business customers.

They were looking for a partner who could help them improve and optimize customer engagement processes to deliver exceptional experiences and business outcomes.

The Outcome

End-to-End Transformation Powered by Analytics and Automation

Leveraging 35+ years of experience and deep domain expertise, Sutherland assessed this company’s digital customer success operating environment and designed a solution using a combination of models and strategies to transform customer engagement with clients in the small business segment.

Working closely with the client, we modernized core capabilities to streamline the digital customer engagement operating environment. A new engagement model maximized use of products and services, as well as increased revenues while creating efficiencies and reducing cost to serve.

A customer insights center brought with it a predictive analytics engine to generate and manage business intelligence. These insights enabled and orchestrated successful risk and churn prevention initiatives.

As part of our approach to deliver holistic transformation, we further harnessed our intelligent automation capabilities to optimize and personalize customer communications across channels and platforms at scale.

Bringing people, processes, platforms and partnered tools together, we helped our client update and modify their existing applications and technologies in a more effective, efficient way.

The overall result was seamless customer communications and engagement powered by advanced analytics and automation. This led to measurable business results: a sharp decline in the attrition and churn of small customers.

"When a leading global information services and software solutions provider turned to Sutherland to help them overcome inefficiencies in customer success operations, we turned our relentless focus on holistic transformation to reimagining their operating environment and the overall experience. Harnessing our unique combination of expertise in the optimization of tools and platforms and our deep understanding of the entire customer journey, we redesigned processes and modernized applications and technologies for a more streamlined experience that yielded immediate results."

Nagarajan Subramanian

AVP – Enterprise Technology Services, Sutherland Global

Applying Knowledge. Improving Service.

As a ServiceNow premiere partner, Sutherland’s global access management (GAM) team was able to draw on its expertise in working with the platform to employ service level agreement (SLA) best practices and extensive knowledge management.

Sutherland helped improve IT internal communications through regular calibration and impact assessment leading to a drop in ticket reassignment errors while speeding ticket resolutions. The team also reorganized ticket distribution and the queue management process to boost IT SLA.

The GAM team’s ability to work with the company’s IT staff to deliver higher levels of enterprise IT support helped the company optimize its ServiceNow platform and achieve better SLA while boosting customer service satisfaction among its employees. This proactive approach led to sustained results making Sutherland the company’s preferred IT GAM vendor.

Want the Business Benefits of Holistic Transformation?

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