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How a cybersecurity leader serving the world’s top companies implemented an end-to-end support solution to cut costs, enhance service delivery, and improve the customer experience.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2024

The Challenge

Improving Business Outcomes Through Scalable Support Services

Recognized as one of the top providers of cybersecurity solutions, this company serves 8,000 of the world’s biggest enterprises across the financial, healthcare, retail, energy, technology, telecommunications, and education sectors.

As a start-up that garnered a reputation for excellence in solutions and support, the company enjoyed rapid growth across a global footprint.

However, they faced challenges scaling their support processes. They also struggled to retain their skilled engineers in the competitive labor market in California, where they were headquartered.

They needed support services that would enable and grow along with their expanding needs, while also enabling efficiencies for measurable business results. So they turned to Sutherland as a partner that could help them implement a cost-efficient, scalable support solution to enhance responsiveness and improve handling and resolution times for a better overall customer and employee experience, as well as create efficiencies that would drive cost-savings.

The Outcome

Seamless Support Driven by People, Processes, and AI-Powered Platforms

Harnessing our in-depth understanding of the entire journey of our client’s engagement with their customers, Sutherland proposed a holistic support solution combining people, processes, and platforms.

We began by centralizing the company’s level 1 IT support to onshore and nearshore locations, enabling cost-savings and delivery through a skilled labor market with little attrition.

Building on the optimized support processes and our staff’s expertise, we introduced level 1.5 support engineers specializing in complex issue resolution and knowledge management, as well as escalation managers dedicated to high-priority cases for premium and strategic customers.

Additionally, we deployed our AI-powered Cognitive Knowledge Engine, which uses advanced capabilities to consolidate multiple knowledge bases into a single system that facilitates fast and simple knowledge discovery and self-service. With the system in place, our client saw:

  • Unsuccessful search queries/zero search results drop from 30% to less than 3%
  • 50% higher self-service rates, and a 17% increase in customer satisfaction scores from customers using the self-help feature
  • 10% month-over-month increase in the addition of new, relevant articles

Our team also developed and implemented a log analytics tool for the entire support team. It reduced the time it takes to analyze log files by 83% – from 30 minutes down to 5 minutes per case, significantly improving handling and resolution times as well as the customer experience.

Sutherland offered a 100% customized solution tailored to the client’s business needs – resulting in tangible business benefits from savings to staff and customer satisfaction. Our client enjoys a sustained customer satisfaction rate of 95% and a yearly renewal rate of more than 90%, one of the best in the industry. Our solution played a major role in the company winning the SC Magazine Best Customer Service Award – a ranking based on blind tests into the support lines Sutherland staffs for the client.

"Our long-standing partnership with one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies has yielded significant business results: a scalable, sustainable support solution that enables the efficiencies and cost-savings modern businesses strive for, while simultaneously delivering a stand-out experience for staff and customers."

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