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Delivering Memorable Customer Experiences for Any Business

From increasing customer acquisition rates to increasing sales, we focus on the total customer experience to ensure that it remains a competitive advantage for your company.

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Satisfaction & Loyalty

Satisfaction & Loyalty

As customer behaviors and demographics change, your approach to engaging them has to follow their journey. With equal parts vision and technology, we can help advance your customer experience to reflect a more human-centric encounter and enable your operations to move toward outcome-based commercials.

Whether it’s simply providing voice, email and chat or, if you’re interested in emerging offerings, like social media, communities, knowledge and content management, and analytics platforms—our omni-channel Satisfaction & Loyalty Services can help. With our Customer Experience Management platforms, we can bring valuable customer insight from disparate and legacy systems combined with powerful analytics to create a better experience for your customers.

Sutherland’s Satisfaction & Loyalty services always include:

  • True omni-channel implementations and Unified Desktop capabilities
  • Customer Experience Management platforms
  • Multi-language support
Premium Tech Support

Premium Tech Support

When you’re selling SaaS software or on-premise software, it’s critical to continuously provide value to your subscription-based service. But providing optimal customer support can drain your resources and detract from your focus on sales and product improvement. With our Premium Tech Support services, you can leave things like improving your resolution time and NPS and CES scores to us.

Sutherland’s Premium Tech Support provides the following services with flexible delivery options to meet your organization’s needs:

  • Hardware and software installation
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Product support
  • Services support
  • Innovative remote support and diagnostic tool sets

Tech Support Delivery Options are:

  • Consumer technical support – Consumer-focused warranty support
  • Premium services - B2B and B2C technical support services via subscription, pay services, out of warranty, and Pay-for-Support channels
  • B2B Technical Support - business and advanced (enterprise) commercial support channels
Acquisition & Enrollment

Acquisition and Enrollment

Acquiring and keeping customers is a key area for sales growth. And successfully delivering on that goal includes extensive experience and deep domain expertise beyond successful new customer acquisition and includes the delivery of superior customer service, account management, and support services. 

Our Acquisition and Enrollment services fall under two distinct areas to address specific customer goals:

Revenue Generation services address the goal of acquiring new customers and increasing revenue share of wallet from existing customers. Services include:

  • B2C & B2B sales
  • Customer activation
  • Renewals
  • Customer retention, reactivation, and re-acquisition
  • Cross sell and up sell

Demand Generation services are designed to penetrate underserved customer segments and help reach new markets. Services include:

  • Lead qualification
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing and customer education
  • Appointment setting
  • Market and customer profiling


Customer Experience

Customer Experience

From our perspective, every customer contact is seen as a failure. Somewhere a customer wasn’t given the information they needed—when, how and where they wanted it. That’s why we dive into what initially drives that call center contact—the journey maps, customer experiences, and the originating trigger events. From this analysis, and through better design, automation, and anticipation of customers’ needs, we can prevent the frustrating ambiguity and subsequent problems that arise and significantly reduce contact center calls.

Whether it’s a 3X improvement of first-response time in community forums or actively filtering thousands of social feeds to create cases with a 90% actionable rate, that’s just a “social slice” of what we can do to improve your customer experience.

The following Sutherland’s Customer Experience services extend to operations, including training, quality management, skill sets and other critical functions:

  • Customer Engagement Management / Unified Desktops
  • Omni-channel options
  • Digital Assistants/Chatbots/AI
  • Social Media/Universal Messaging/Emerging Channels
  • Customer Journey Mapping
Care & Support

Care & Support

With changing customer behaviors and demographics, your approach to engaging customers needs to keep pace. If you’re looking to advance your customer experience to reflect a more human-centric encounter, we have the vision and technology to deliver a new approach. We can also enable your operations to move toward outcome-based commercials.

From implementing an omni-channel support infrastructure to providing support through emerging channels, like social media, messaging apps, chatbots, and avatars—Sutherland’s Care and Support services can help.

Sutherland’s Care & Support services include:

  • True omni-channel implementations and Unified Desktop capabilities
  • Customer Experience Management Platforms

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Our Customer Engagement Transformation services put your customers at the center of our universe. We get inside their heads and walk in their shoes so we’re able to anticipate customers’ needs however and whenever they want to engage. Through better design and automation, we create experiences so intuitive and fulfilling your customers don’t even have to ask for more.

Create Outstanding Customer Experiences.

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