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Data Analytics: 5 Articles You Can’t Miss

APRIL 10, 2017

From healthcare to publishing, data analytics continues to be top of mind for businesses in all sectors. Despite this, many organizations are challenged by the future implications of data analytics on their business solutions. We rounded up the most interesting articles on data analytics, here are the highlights:

Predictive analytics is about finding patterns, riding a surfboard in a data tsunami (HealthcareITNews)

Researchers are learning more about how to harness massive amounts of information being collected in the provider and payer realms. Learn how they channel it into a useful purpose for predictive modeling, population health management and a multitude of clinical and administrative functions.

How the Water Industry Learned to Embrace Data (Harvard Business Review)

The organizations that manage water supplies around the world are facing critical issues, and water scarcity is chief among them. The need for this sector to change and evolve could not be greater, which is why the industry is relying on digital technologies and analytics to derive more value from its physical assets.

Organizations taking more of their data and analytics to the cloud (InformationManagement)

The use of cloud computing for analytics continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. See how that trend has a dramatic impact on both user organizations and the vendor companies that work in this space.

How Next-Gen Analytics Will Impact Customer Interactions (Datanami)

According to IBM, we now produce 2.5 billion gigabytes of data each day, and this growth isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Organizations are responding to this onslaught of data in ever more innovative ways.

How BuzzFeed gets its employees data-focused (Digiday)

Plenty of publishers say they’re data-driven in their work. But at BuzzFeed, any member of the staff can run a query on the organization’s massive amount of data. Today nearly half the company’s employees pull data on a monthly basis.

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