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Power Up Your Games With Research

Combine tailored research methodologies with purpose-built labs and deep domain expertise for actionable insights that ensure your games are engaging, meaningful, and memorable.

APRIL 04, 2024

Take your games to the next level with playtesting and games research services that unlock new possibilities and transformative outcomes.

Combining 10+ years of game research experience and state-of-the-art labs in London and San Francisco, we help you elevate the player and development experience. Our services include:

  • Simultaneous in-person playtesting, remote playtesting, and on the go testing in players’ homes or community

  • Concept testing around creative direction such as early art direction, narrative, and game mechanics

  • Diary studies through multi-week or month-long testing to track player behavior in their natural environment, collect feedback at multiple stages, and detect trends and patterns

Power Up Your Games With ResearchPower Up Your Games With Research


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