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Read our case study on how Sutherland helped a large US financial services company improve their customer experience with process redesign.

Services Business process services
Industry Banking and Financial Services
JANUARY 06, 2017

Prior to engaging Sutherland, the client lacked workflows and visibility into the status o± loans in the origination process. Lack of process and visibility created confusion among employees working the loans and with borrowers who awaited completion of the lending process. The client engaged Sutherland to reinvent the loan origination process to match their new systems and provide visibility into the status of loans in the lending process.


Sutherland was engaged to build a workflow that provided detailed process steps to employees who actively worked the loan origination process. The workflow enabled employees to have visibility into the status of the loan at any time. Once the workflow was established, Sutherland’s consulting team partnered with the client’s IT department to conduct user acceptance testing (UAT). During the initial phase of UAT, Sutherland processed test files in a sandbox environment, enabling team members to identify areas of improvement throughout the development process and before the workflow was rolled out to the entire team. The sandbox testing environment proved successful and demonstrated Sutherland’s ability to positively transform the entire loan process. With the new workflow came visibility and insights that had not been available through past processes. Sutherland also transformed the mortgage indexing or data capture process to reduce underwriter cycle times, decrease the number of times the borrowers are contacted for additional documentation, and create real-time reporting to drive work by priority to processors and closers. Prior to engaging Sutherland, the client lacked reporting on the indexing and underwriting processes. The mortgage lender now is able to operate more efficiently and improve communication with borrowers.

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