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View our case study on how Sutherland drastically improved the internal operations and automated key processes for Concora Credit.

Services Sutherland Robility™, Sutherland Extract
Industry Banking and Financial Services
APRIL 19, 2021


Less Expenditure, More Efficiency.

Concora Credit were looking to make their credit dispute management process more efficient and reduce operational expenditure. The company had to regularly deal with large volumes of dispute cases and consultants had to manually respond to each of these requests.

They needed a solution for their dispute management process that guaranteed accuracy, strengthened customer relationships, and helped mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic.

Every Dispute Taken Care Of

Based on the type of credit dispute, consultants need to verify account information before deciding whether to accept, reject or make corrections. This process requires access to multiple applications, where details need to be compared and then responded to in a set of steps that can differ each time.

Backed by our deep understanding of dispute management processes, we developed an end-to-end solution using intelligent automation to ensure the client could now seamlessly handle every kind of dispute.

Underpinning our approach were two of our proprietary platforms: Sutherland Robility and Sutherland Extract, which utilized AI-enabled data extraction, RPA bots, workflows, and a command center to monitor virtual workforces 24/7.

Since working with Concora Credit, we've processed 200% of the dispute volumes under general and specific dispute types in a third of the scheduled timeline, and exceeded monthly automation targets by 100%. This has accelerated operational efficiency and improved customer service, enabling the client to manage much larger dispute volumes at a fraction of the cost.

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