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Read our case study on how Sutherland helped a global healthcare technology provider reduce imaging errors and increase diagnostic accuracy.

Services Sutherland Labs, Digital Engineering Services, Business process services
Industry Healthcare
FEBRUARY 05, 2017

Our client had always provided their global base of customers with world-class imaging tools and services. But their customers faced increasing regulatory pressures to curb costs and increase quality. And those gains in savings and quality had to happen year-over-year. Static imaging offerings—even if they were world-class—were no longer enough. To meet their customers' demands, our client needed to provide imaging solutions that decreased errors and increased diagnostic accuracy. This was no easy task as the client was known for their world-class results but knew they needed to improve upon their legacy imaging solutions and outcomes.

To transform our client’s imaging offerings, Sutherland leveraged its deep bench of physicians, clinicians, and healthcare IT architects to establish a dedicated development center. Development center personnel had the hands-on clinical experience to identify clinical imaging errors and the field-tested, technical-know-how to establish, test, and validate automated processes to improve results. And since testing and validation were done not against design but against actual clinical use, our client’s imaging solution could improve on itself over time.

Imaging errors have decreased, testing effort saw a 96% reduction and testing cycle times were reduced by 66%.

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