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Read how Sutherland helped one of the nation's largest healthcare networks meet aggressive growth targets and maintain excellent service.

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Industry Healthcare
FEBRUARY 19, 2017

The client needed to improve their revenue collections and bolster its footing in an increasingly competitive market. The best way to do that was clear, significant, and rapid growth. But growth came with risks, and our client’s plan to grow through mergers and acquisitions could be a particular challenge. After all, they had built their reputation by providing their communities with consistent, high quality care. If the service excellence they were known for suffered, or if operational efficiencies decreased, then its efforts to strengthen its position in the market through mergers and acquisitions would quickly fail.


To enable our client to transform the scope of their operations, we scaled our own A/R recovery offerings in conjunction with their growth targets. We provided onsite staffing where needed, and flexible partnership models that allowed the client to accurately evaluate our performance against both competing vendors and internal resources. As they grew, we simultaneously grew our own financial team, seamlessly increasing our support from 10 to more than 200 trained personnel to accommodate the increased lines of business and enhanced our offerings to help propel the client’s transformation. And we did it all while providing consistently high quality service that outpaced competing vendors.


Sutherland was awarded 70% of 100 available client accounts.


Sutherland now handles 100% of their Medicaid A/R recovery business, in addition to commercial and Medicaid lines of business.


The client continues to meet aggressive growth targets while maintaining unparalleled standards of service excellence.

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