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View our case study on how Sutherland helped Palomar health improve healthcare business processes and increase production while reducing costs.

Services Sutherland Labs, Digital Engineering Services, Business process services
Industry Healthcare
JUNE 19, 2019

Palomar Health offers a wide range of services, including home healthcare, skilled nursing, behavioral health services, community health education programs, and more. Their mission is to promote health within the communities they serve, with a focus on building a coordinated system of care that concentrates technology, expertise, and innovation. Palomar Health works with a valued partner to meet health care regulations in an efficient manner, reduce costs, and avoid disrupting business to achieve healthcare patient satisfaction.



The ICD-10 regulation proved tricky for Palomar Health. Using their coding department would mean significant expenditures on training and new hires, with no guarantee of success. Meanwhile, outsourcing their coding would remove transparency from this business process. They turned to Sutherland for flexible solutions that would accommodate this transition while maintaining transparency in pricing and production.

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