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Read our case study on how Sutherland helped a leading online e-retailer improve candidate touchpoints and experience with human capital management.

Services Human Capital Management (Digital Finance)
Industry Retail
MAY 12, 2021

Meeting Employee Needs During Seasonal Spikes

Our client’s business regularly flexes during seasons like the Christmas holiday, Black Friday, and the back-to-school period. To support their operations during these seasonal spikes, our client hires vast numbers of additional employees. The volume of candidates it needs to connect with in order to fill these positions runs into hundreds of thousands of people.

Once hired, it’s not practical or cost-effective for our client to scale up its Human Resources support at the same time. Yet, these employees heavily rely on HR during the first thirty days of their job. This is when they need the most guidance to learn the company’s policy and procedures. Our client needed a partner to help manage this increase in personnel and the processes that new employees so heavily depend on.

A Human Capital Management Solution

Candidate Connection Services: Our team in India have provided support via chat, email, and SMS since 2013. We assist candidates from the moment they apply for a position until they are hired and on-boarded. This encompasses a candidate's application, evaluation, scheduling, background, and other pre-hire assessments that prepare them for their first day of work so that they comfortably settle into their shift. We support candidates applying for positions in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, UK, Singapore, and Australia.

Employee Resource Center: Since 2019, our team of 600+ people in Jamaica have provided voice support to our client’s employees around the clock, 365 days a year. Using a shared service model, we can deliver human capital management support at precisely the right time, driving operational efficiency and reducing risk for our client.

Our HR Center of Excellence answers all work-related questions and provides on-boarding and off-boarding support for over a quarter-million full-time employees across North America. This support becomes even more critical when massive numbers of employees take seasonal staffing positions.

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