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View our case study on how Sutherland helped a leading communication software provider increase write-off savings with automation and analytics.

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Industry Technology
JUNE 21, 2017

Our client faced challenges with their reverse supply chain as they introduced new products and they also needed to address a surplus of earlier products. They were challenged with a siloed return merchandise authorization (RMA) process that was causing delayed resolutions and frustrated customers. RMA processes were not aligned with customer segmentation and could not treat customers uniquely. The organization was facing high customer call volumes for return status updates. Inefficient asset recovery processes resulted in absorbing high overhead costs and significant write-offs.

We deployed an automated system that leveraged analytic models and machine learning to identify returns and next best action (NBA) checklists that guided appropriate RMA processes. The solution facilitated global, multilingual RMA, warranty, and asset recovery product support processes. Records of NBA checklists are maintained to guide actions for agents with similar future service requests. Automated recommendations are processed by machine learning to enhance business rules definitions that provide guidance for NBA and reverse engineering handling. Omnichannel customer visibility services provide a single view of customers, aligning user profiles, and product return and delivery status updates.

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