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Read how Sutherland improved customer experience for a multinational computer technology company through automated self-resolution.

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JUNE 21, 2017

Our client was experiencing a higher than desired volume of calls coming in from customers with software issues related to their personal computers (PCs). While a tool was already installed on every personal computer to address common hardware problems, software problems weren’t addressable. Customers were dissatisfied with long hold times and confusion in how to solve the problems via the existing trouble-shooting methods. Additionally, PC performance was degrading over the life of the product due to typical usage patterns such as browsing behaviors, installing and removing various software, etc.

Sutherland had been serving as the client’s technical support partner for over a decade. Over the course of the relationship, Sutherland had been assessing the types of calls coming into the contact center, and observed that a high volume of calls could be deflected by implementing our proprietary tool, SmartLeap™, and the topic was broached to the client during ongoing strategic discussions. The client was happy to expand their existing tech support relationship with Sutherland, by integrating a solution that would provide automated and predictive technology to reduce software troubleshooting steps, improve system performance over time, and accelerate resolution.

We partnered with the client to integrate our self-diagnosis tool, SmartLeap™, which will be installed on millions of units produced by the manufacturer going forward. This will allow customers to automatically correct problems on their PCs without having to contact the manufacturer’s help desk. And, when customers do need to call in for support, the tool allows for the agent to easily unlock a feature on the customer’s PC, allowing a faster connection and fix, thus reducing the average handling time. Further, this solution helps to maintain overall system performance, ultimately improving the customer experience by keeping their PC running better and longer. As an additional benefit, this tool provides behind-the-scenes reporting back to the manufacturer on system performance.

This insight allows our client with important data points on how their PCs are performing in the field, which can in turn be used for future product development.

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