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Read our case study on how Sutherland created a seamless process transformation for Scandinavian Airlines that drove efficiency and cost savings.

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Industry Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Logistics
FEBRUARY 15, 2017

In 2012, our client set in motion a companywide restructuring mandate which involved consolidating its operational and support centers across Europe and Scandinavia. As part of this exercise, they were looking for a partner who would be able to reorganize existing operations, retain highly tenured employees, and upgrade technology platforms to enable uni ed communications with automated multi-channel tools, all while the airline ran “business as usual.”

It was critical that Sutherland could complete this entire transformation quickly. Our dedicated team of experts built a portfolio that was sharply focused on the client’s strategic intent for their most promising markets and customers. From the very beginning, we helped drive comfort and the right level of engagement necessary for all parties involved. Compliance with all related European directives and laws tied to transferring 200+ employees was handled flawlessly. Multiple technology platforms and new tools were implemented without compromise. User acceptance testing for the new system environment was conducted, and ran smoothly. The Sutherland team successfully completed a seamless transition well within the agreed timelines without negatively impacting day-to- day operations. Further, we shifted all new technology architecture with zero down time.

Our commitment to proactively guide our client in areas of new process improvements, technology innovation, and employee advancement for future growth continues to deliver significant results.

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